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Wireless Bridging does exactly what it sounds like. It will allow a WRT54G to act as a bridge between a wireless router (of any make/brand) and the ethernet ports on the WRT54G. This is unlike Client Mode Wireless in that in Client Mode, the WRT acts as a client connecting to the main router creating 2 seperate networks and enabling NAT between the wireless and the wired ports.

Bridging does not have these problems and wired clients simply join the origional network. This makes portforwarding easier, as well as puts all clients into the same broadcast domain.

A very good forum post was made about running a WRT54G using DD-WRT as a wireless bridging.

Find it here: http://forum.bsr-clan.de/viewtopic.php?t=1750&highlight=bridge#11522

This page should eventually contain the information in the link above with the origional link sited and credit given to kkennedy070790, along with any DD-WRT specific updates to the instructions.

You are here: Main Page/DD-WRT Doku (EN)/Wireless Bridge