WDS Linked router network

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A pretty decent form post was made about WDS Linking with WRT54Gs.

Find it here: http://forum.bsr-clan.de/ftopic624.html

This page should be editied to include the tutorial rather than just a link to it. I've seen much better tutorials (but not on this topic). Perhaps someone can do a re-write moddled after the Client Mode Wireless tutorial. This page should start by explaining what WDS is, the difference between Consumer Wireless Routers and Consumer Wireless Access Points, and how the WRT54G with DD-WRT kicks so much ass because it can combine both a Router AND an Access Point with the WDS feature. It should finish with the tutorial explaining how to setup WDS Links along with trouble shooting and specific firmware version issues.

WDS does not work well currently on DD-WRT prefinal5. Use DD-WRT prefinal4 for the time being (5-13-2005).