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Is one to assume that these instructions apply to the WRT54GL as well? Ebonelza 14:52, 21 Jun 2006 (CEST)

I would say Yes! As I followed these instructions, and everything worked just as advertised PBossman 19:52, 16 Aug 2006

This tutorial looks real good. I think we should change it to be more generic. Remove the first person statements. Show the "Upgrade Are Failed" screen as a possible screen with a recommendation to check the router to see if the upgrade truly failed or not. How about changing the scope to match all Linksys routers that this applies to, with a note that this particular tutorial was on a version 4. I'll take care of these changes but would like some feedback from other wiki editors. Thanks -HK

i followed the tutorial with my second WRT54GL until the "Upgrade Are Failed" screen, which was a "Update successful" screen. Since then i could reach the router never again. I tried to login with "root : admin" and with many other combinations but without success. And since i restarted the browser i only get a blank window when i go to As a switch connected to the other router which is connected with the Cable modem it still functions! Help would be much appreciated.