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Is one to assume that these instructions apply to the WRT54GL as well? Ebonelza 14:52, 21 Jun 2006 (CEST)

I would say Yes! As I followed these instructions, and everything worked just as advertised PBossman 19:52, 16 Aug 2006

This tutorial looks real good. I think we should change it to be more generic. Remove the first person statements. Show the "Upgrade Are Failed" screen as a possible screen with a recommendation to check the router to see if the upgrade truly failed or not. How about changing the scope to match all Linksys routers that this applies to, with a note that this particular tutorial was on a version 4. I'll take care of these changes but would like some feedback from other wiki editors. Thanks -HK

i followed the tutorial with my second WRT54GL until the "Upgrade Are Failed" screen, which was a "Update successful" screen. Since then i could reach the router never again. I tried to login with "root : admin" and with many other combinations but without success. And since i restarted the browser i only get a blank window when i go to As a switch connected to the other router which is connected with the Cable modem it still functions! Help would be much appreciated. Erichs 11:07, 09 Nov 2006

if you have troubles with login after installation, you didnt reset to factory defaults. in this case push the reset button for 30 seconds and everything will work as it should. BrainSlayer 11. Nov 2006