Spanning Tree Protocol

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This is an option in the Basic Setup screen of the router. One can choose between enable and disable.

However, it is not to be found in this Wiki or in the firmware's internal help what this option means. The only hint given is the text next to the disable button in the aforementioned screen, where it says: "(disable for COMCAST ISP)".

I think someone that knows more should pick up the pen here.

Would it mean "spanning-tree protocol", as explained here Understanding STP?

Yes I am almost certain that is correct. See the Discussion Tab.

Yes, it's "Spanning Tree Protocol". Its purpose is to find the best way in a meshed network. You're in such a situation for example when you are in Ad-Hoc mode and there are few ways you can send packets between them. It's not necessary, so I personally would recommend it to leave it off except you have loops in your "network graph".