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-'''You are here: ''' '''[[Main Page]]'''/'''[[DD-WRT Docu (EN)]]'''/'''[[Quality of Service]]'''+[http://aames-home-loan.netfirms.com | Aames Home Loan]
- +[http://adt-home-security.netfirms.com | Adt Home Security]
-=Introduction=+[http://american-home-loan.netfirms.com | American Home Loan]
-Quality of Service (QoS) is a method to guarantee a bandwidth relationship between individual applications or protocols. This is very handy when you max out your connection so that you can allow for each application to have some bandwidth and so that no single application can take down the internet connection. This allows, for example, a full speed download via FTP without causing jittering on a VOIP chat. The FTP will slow down slightly as bandwidth is needed for the VOIP, provided VOIP was given greater priority.+[http://at-home-work1.netfirms.com | At Home Work1]
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-If you would like to set hard coded bandwidth limits (Throttling), this can be done using the [[tc command]]+[http://bad-credit-equity-home-mortgage.netfirms.com | Bad Credit Equity Home Mortgage]
- +[http://bad-credit-home-loan-mobile.netfirms.com | Bad Credit Home Loan Mobile]
-=Instructions=+[http://bad-credit-home-mortgage.netfirms.com | Bad Credit Home Mortgage]
-==Initial Setup==+[http://bad-credit-home-mortgage-refinance-loan.netfirms.com | Bad Credit Home Mortgage Refinance Loan]
-* Log into the [[Web Interface]]+[http://bad-credit-wisconsin-home-loan.netfirms.com | Bad Credit Wisconsin Home Loan]
-* Click on the Applications and Gaming Category+[http://based-business-from-home-work.netfirms.com | Based Business From Home Work]
-* Click on the QoS sub category+[http://based-business-home.netfirms.com | Based Business Home]
-* Tick "Enabled" and save the settings+[http://based-business-home-internet.netfirms.com | Based Business Home Internet]
-* Set Port to WAN+[http://based-business-home-opportunity.netfirms.com | Based Business Home Opportunity]
-* Enter 85% of your Up and Down bandwidth in the boxes (eg: if you have a 1.5Mbit (1536kbps) cable modem with 256kbps upload, enter 218 for uplinkand 1306 for dwnlink)+[http://based-business-home-starting.netfirms.com | Based Business Home Starting]
- +[http://based-business-home-work.netfirms.com | Based Business Home Work]
-This will enable Quality of Service and Cap your maximum connection speed to 85% of what your cable/dsl service is capable of providing. This decrease in speed is required to allow WonderShaper to prioritize your bandwidth.+[http://best-home-based-business-opportunity.netfirms.com | Best Home Based Business Opportunity]
- +[http://best-refinance-home-mortgage-loan-rate.netfirms.com | Best Refinance Home Mortgage Loan Rate]
-==Enabling Services==+[http://business-from-home.netfirms.com | Business From Home]
-* Choose the service you would like to prioritize or deprioitize and click add+[http://business-from-home-opportunity-work.netfirms.com | Business From Home Opportunity Work]
-* Change the priority of the service and click save. Unconfigured services are always standard.+[http://business-from-home-work.netfirms.com | Business From Home Work]
- +[http://business-home-opportunity-work.netfirms.com | Business Home Opportunity Work]
-==Prioritizing by IP Address==+[http://business-home-work.netfirms.com | Business Home Work]
--If there is a specific ip address, enter xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx / 32<br>+[http://business-opportunity-from-home.netfirms.com | Business Opportunity From Home]
--If there is a range, enter it using netmask notation. The [http://www.csc.fi/english/funet/calc/laskin2.html Netmask Calculator ] might be useful+[http://colorado-home-equity-loan.netfirms.com | Colorado Home Equity Loan]
- +[http://colorado-home-mortgage-loan-company.netfirms.com | Colorado Home Mortgage Loan Company]
-=Request= +[http://colorado-home-mortgage-rate.netfirms.com | Colorado Home Mortgage Rate]
-* connlimit / iplimit extension for netfilter http://www.netfilter.org/documentation/HOWTO/netfilter-extensions-HOWTO-3.html#ss3.5+[http://countrywide-home-loan-mortgage.netfirms.com | Countrywide Home Loan Mortgage]
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-* easy htb/tc configurator or script generator+[http://current-home-mortgage-rate.netfirms.com | Current Home Mortgage Rate]
- +[http://denver-home-for-sale.netfirms.com | Denver Home For Sale]
-* categorized all other ports not configured as bulk, not as standard like current config+[http://denver-home-sale.netfirms.com | Denver Home Sale]
- +[http://equity-home.netfirms.com | Equity Home]
-this will surely slowing down any virus/worm trying to spread in the network.+[http://finance-home.netfirms.com | Finance Home]
-thus, will not slowing down the whole internet. +[http://florida-home-equity-loan.netfirms.com | Florida Home Equity Loan]
- +[http://home-based-business1.netfirms.com | Home Based Business1]
-See these links:+[http://home-based-business-opportunity.netfirms.com | Home Based Business Opportunity]
-http://wl500g.info/showthread.php?t=2515+[http://home-based-business-work.netfirms.com | Home Based Business Work]
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-http://forum.bsr-clan.de/ftopic1305.html+[http://home-business-opportunity1.netfirms.com | Home Business Opportunity1]
- +[http://home-buying.netfirms.com | Home Buying]
-('''NOTE''' This will NOT slow down the spread of viruses. QoS does not work that way. Viruses will spread at their normal rate, but you will not notice it on your internet connection since the viruses will have a lower priority. QoS works by slowing down lower priority traffic instantly, and then resuming it to full speed instantly as higher priority traffic uses bandwidth. What you are suggesting will simply allow you to spread viruses without noticing it, allowing you to live longer without realizing you are infected. In order to slow the spread of viruses you would need to THROTTLE all undefined ports. Throttling is limiting to a specific rate constantly and is not dynamic as QoS is. EX, limit all undefined traffic to 1k/s)+[http://home-equity1.netfirms.com | Home Equity1]
- +[http://home-equity-line1.netfirms.com | Home Equity Line1]
-=other QoS improvement=+[http://home-equity-loan.netfirms.com | Home Equity Loan]
- * http://frottle.sourceforge.net/+[http://home-equity-second-mortgage.netfirms.com | Home Equity Second Mortgage]
- * http://patraswireless.net/software.html+[http://home-finance.netfirms.com | Home Finance]
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-=External Links=+[http://home-for-sale-in.netfirms.com | Home For Sale In]
-[Netmask Calculator http://www.csc.fi/english/funet/calc/laskin2.html]+[http://home-for-sale-in-denver.netfirms.com | Home For Sale In Denver]
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-'''You are here: ''' '''[[Main Page]]'''/'''[[DD-WRT Docu (EN)]]'''/'''[[Quality of Service]]'''+[http://home-insurance-owner.netfirms.com | Home Insurance Owner]
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