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This Wiki page is not complete.

For the time being:


Port Forwarding using the Webinterface

Port Range Forward

options are found under the "Applications and Gameing" tab "Port Range Forward" subtab. This is the most common port forwarding and always forwards ports to the same machine (LAN IP) on the network.

Triggered Port Forwarding

Triggered Port Forwarding is not the same as Port Range Forwarding, and works by forwarding requests to a range of ports to the machine that first connected to a remote host on the trigger port. For example, this could be used to forward the File Transfer ports that AIM uses to any computer that connects to the AIM servers without requiring a hard coded rule.

Port Forwarding using uPNP

Windows users (and others?) can use uPNP to configure port forwarding. This can be a little more convienient. uPNP also allows supporting programs to automatically configure port forwarding for you when they need it.

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