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The WNR3500L (v1) is only properly recognized using a K26 build (in the broadcom_K26/ directory). See #K3X builds for more information. All of the K26 builds have "K2.6" in the filename. Also, builds must be smaller than ~7.3 MB, or you will brick your device. This wiki is NOT for the WNR3500Lv2 which uses K3X builds.


Read the Firmware FAQ and Peacock Announcement

Which Firmware?

The WNR3500Lv1 traditionally only supports the "NEWD-2_K2.6" firmware, but K3X has been reported to work. For build information and much more, see Where do I download firmware?.

Compare the features of different build versions here. This router has 8MB flash, but due to Netgear's partitioning, available space is reportedly ~7.3MB. Do not try larger builds, as this will overwrite required partitions.

Installation of DD-WRT from Netgear Firmware


  • The WNR3500L requires K2.6 builds of DD-WRT (Update: see "K3X builds")
  • First download a trailed build .chk to flash to the router from Netgear factory firmware.
  • Once running DD-WRT, the .bin builds can be used
  • Research the forum for "New Build" and router model threads before selecting a build.
  • dd-wrt.v24-21061_NEWD-2_K2.6_mini-WNR3500L.chk has been reported to work for initial flash


  • Set a static IP (e.g., subnet, gateway on the PC for flashing.
  • Connect the PC to the router's LAN port (recommended to unplug everything else)
  • Perform a hard reset on the router.
  • Go to
  • Cancel the router's automatic firmware update checking, then click on "Router Upgrade" in the left menu.
  • Upload the special .chk firmware file.
  • Wait 5 minutes after the router says it is done
  • Perform another reset, and clear the web browser cache between updates.
  • Repeat steps 4-7 with the .bin firmware file.
  • Login and start tweaking

K3X builds

There are some K3X builds that have been reported to work on the WNR3500L: K3X 33555 Mega works

  • If you attempt this, only flash when already running DD-WRT (there is no trailed build in K3X)
  • The router name doesn't recognize the v1, so reports "Router Model: Linksys WRT54G/GL/GS"

LAN Ports not Working

Use the VLAN config in the GUI.

Reverting back to factory firmware

For now this is a WIP, but in the interim, you can simply follow this guide to revert back:
How to revert back to factory firmware


An article on de-bricking your WNR3500L with a USB-TTL cable


Exchange embedded wireless antennas for external antennas on Netgear WNR3500L