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[edit] R7000 Category

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[edit] Hardware Specifications

FCC ID PY313200233
Industry Canada ID 4054A-13200233
Power 12 VDC, 3.5 A
CPU / SoC Broadcom BCM4709A0 @1 GHz
CPU Architecture ARM Cortex A9 (2 cores)
Flash / RAM 128 MiB / 256 MiB
WI1 & WI2 chip Broadcom BCM4360
WI1/WI2 protocols an+ac / bgn
Wireless MIMO config 3x3:3
Antenna connector U.FL, RP-SMA
Ethernet & Switch Broadcom BCM4709A0
WAN / LAN ports 1 / 4 (up to 1 Gb/s)
USB ports 1x USB 3.0, 1x USB 2.0
Serial 4-pin header, internal, 3.3V TTL

[edit] Performance

The dual core ARM CPU is beneficial for running multiple simultaneous services on the router.

SFE accelerated NAT was added to DD-WRT since build 33006 (kernel 3.10+), which Kong tested at 900 Mb/s throughput (download and upload). OEM firmware uses Broadcom's proprietary CTF (Cut-Through Forwarding).

  1. Throughput with IPv4 NAT routing tops out at:
    • 450Mb/s on latest Netgear stock firmware
    • 360Mb/s on non-SFE DD-WRT (default configuration)
    • 425Mb/s non-SFE with a 20% overclock
  2. For older builds, besides overclocking, using IPv6 and doing away with NAT is another workaround.

[edit] Features

  • Linux kernel 3.10.25
  • Supports CPU overclocking: 1200MHz and 1400MHz possible (be very cautious)
  • OpenVPN and PPTP VPN server support
  • Ad blocking with Privoxy
  • Other: lighttpd + php

[edit] How to install

The primary Brainslayer and alternative Kong build links can be found in the Firmware FAQ. Both are compiled from the DD-WRT trac SVN, but Kong builds are deprecated (see Documentation for differences).

[edit] Flash from OEM

GUI reset then download and flash the .chk (trailed) file using the Netgear web interface*.

  • factory-to-dd-wrt.chk for normal builds
  • R7000.chk for Kong builds

[*] Newer Netgear firmware ( and newer) prevents GUI downgrades, preventing DD-WRT installation (K3_R7000, build from 9/23/18 file has a lower version number, 1.0.5* that Netgear disallows). Until a new Kong .chk image is available, use this mod version which provides a larger version number (thanks to @jclehner)

  • Alternatively, use the TFTP installation method

[edit] Upgrade from DD-WRT

Use the DD-WRT GUI or other installation Methods to flash the .bin (non-trailed) file

  • webflash.bin for normal builds
  • K3_AC_ARM_STD.bin file to flash from the GUI Administration -> Firmware Update section.

[edit] Documentation

Some generic DD-WRT documentation is applicable to the R7000, but much is outdated and little refers to ARM builds.

<Kong> has written some documentation relevant to his builds [now via]:

Also see: Kong R7000 Configuration Best Practices or Working Solutions

[edit] TFTP at boot for de-bricking

See here, and also this post which then references here.

[edit] Disable LEDs

Disable lights at boot: go to Administration>Commands, paste the code below and click Save Startup Script.

for i in 2 3 8 9 12 13 17 18 ; do gpio enable $i ; done
for i in 14 15 ; do gpio disable $i ; done
et robowr 0x0 0x18 0x1ff
et robowr 0x0 0x18 0x0
et robowr 0x0 0x1a 0x0