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The DD-WRT Documentation Website is also available in: German

This MediaWiki will be used to build up a tutorial for DD-WRT.


30 March 2005: The DD-WRT Documentation Project started. --Master

> DD-WRT Documentation Project (EN)

Any Questions?/Problems?

If you have any problems, please have a look at our general english, DD-WRT english and our german forum.

This Website is a Wiki

You can edit these pages by clicking "edit" on top of the page, and you can add new articles.

Please note that this site is about the Linksys WRT54G/GS Router with the
DD-WRT Firmware.

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Related Projects and Challenges

For those interested to use a WRT54G to access public networks, imagine a dynamic java based interface, to scan for networks, with real time signal strength and antenna adjustment, and a point and click configuration to link up to a selected network. There is already an excellent project that does some of these things:

It still needs the click to connect feature. However till the moment the author says:

Wi-Viz is only supported under OpenWRT.. Any functionality with other firmwares is entirely coincidental.

Look at the code its quite basic, any volunteers for this porting challenge ?