Linksys WRT610N v2.0

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NOTE: During configuration or flashing a device, the only cables that should be attached to the device are the network cable to your computer and the power cable.
Warning: This unit MUST use K2.6 firmware.
Make sure you use a firmware with wrt610nv2 in the filename like the one below.

a. Flash firmware through the Linksys WebGUI.

b. After a couple minutes you should see an "Update Completed Succesfully" Screen.

c. least three minutes after that just to be safe.

d. Do a power cycle of the router. (Unplug the cord, count to 10 and plug it back in.)

e. Wait for the lights to return to normal, usually about 2 minutes.

f. Do a HARD reset. Wait. Check for the password page and login to change the password.

g. After you have DD-WRT on the router then you can flash a different firmware from this folder through the DD-WRT WebGUI.

Make sure that you do not flash any build to your router that has the name of a different model router at the end of the filename.

Recovery (Unbricking)

A simple way to recover a bricked device is:

  1. unplug all ethernet ports (Important!)
  2. unplug power
  3. plug power in
  4. wait 2-2.5 seconds
  5. press the reset button and keep it pressed for 5 seconds, then release it
  6. reconnect ethernet (DHCP shoud give IP address to computer)
  7. point your browser at You should see a "Management Firmware update" screen where you can flash the original (Linksys) firmware.