Linksys WRT600N

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Linksys WRT600N

Hardware Specs

WRT600N v1.0: FCC ID: Q87-WRT600NV1 WRT600N v1.1: FCC ID: Q87-WRT600NV11

  • CPU: Broadcom BCM4705 (300 MHz)
  • Flash: 8 MiB
  • RAM: 32 MiB
  • USB 2.0 port(s): 1
  • Wireless chip1: Broadcom BCM4321
  • Wireless chip2: Broadcom BCM2055
  • MIMO config: 2x3:2
  • Antenna connectors: U.FL


Important: Read the Peacock thread first!


As always make sure to do a proper hard reset before and after updating the firmware. This is not an optional step! Do not restore backups from a different build number or type.

Flashing DD-WRT

For initial flash, a trailed build is required which has header information required by the Linksys firmware.

  1. Reset to factory defaults
  2. Flash it via the stock web interface
  3. Reset again after flashing
  4. You can then flash whatever version of DD-WRT you want to the router. Where do I download firmware
    • Research New Build and router-specific threads before trying newer builds.
    • If you have an issue, try clearing the web browser cache or try a different browser.

--n0dyjeff (8 January 2011) The special WRT600N mega version [eko build 12874, no longer available] didn't work for me. Using [the 14929 build above] worked great. FYI, I wrote up my experiences and shared them in the "Fun with DD-WRT" resource link below.

Reverting to Stock Firmware

Simply reset and flash the stock image via TFTP or through the web interface. Make sure to reset after flashing.

Known Bugs

Initial Flash May Not Work / TFTP problems

Some users may experience "Failed to Upgrade Firmware" messages when upgrading via Linksys web interface, even when using special 600N-specific builds. Also, TFTP may not work after the router has booted (Linksys fw only). The solution to both is to initiate TFTP within 3-5 seconds of power-on.