Linksys WRT54G2 v1.1

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Reserved for Linksys WRT54G2 v1.1 only

minimum required build: 12427 (not recommended)

Copy and paste from original flashing.txt... (I did not try, too complex for me) --G sintornillos 18:25, 6 May 2011 (CEST)

     Since Linksys (or the firmware vendor which might be gemtek or cybertan) disabled the networking within the redboot bootloader (and also the partition management), we have to replace it as first step to get it working. this is only possible with serial console right now
     setup your local lan network to and run a local tftp server (see provided tftp server for windows)
     then enter the following line into the redboot with serial console (baudrate 9600)
     ip_address -l -h
     this will enable network access
     now do 
     load -r -b 0x80041000 redboot_ap65.ram
     a new redboot will now start
     now do the following commands:
     fis init 
     load -r -b 0x80080000 redboot_ap65.rom
     fis create -l 0x10000 -e 0xbfc00000 RedBoot
     the new bootloader starts now
     now do
     fis init
     load -r -b 0x80041000 linux.bin
     fis create linux
     and config the bootscript with fconfig
     the script must be
     fis load -l linux
     save the config and type "reset" again to boot up the system
     to enter the redboot console with this new bootloader you must push the reset button. this will also allow to enter the tftp recovery 
     mode which allows to send a dd-wrt webflash file with tftp to the bootloader for flashing.