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Check for new builds are under my downloads, [ /V24-K26] and subfolders. Check for new builds are under my downloads, [ /V24-K26] and subfolders.
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Linksys WRT320N is now supported - please use only special _wrt320n.bin builds (based on kernel 2.6).

WARNING: this is highly experimental and can brick your router.

I'm afraid I have really bad news for all wrt320n users - the only way to unbrick it is using serial console, because cfe has wrong command to flash from tftp inside, and also reset button is not enabled is cfe. (Please - dump your anger at Linksys not at the messenger)

If you have serial console access:

To erase nvram inside cfe stop it and type: erase nvram reboot

To flash new image you need to stop cfe and issue manual command: flash -ctheader : flash1.trx then start tftp transfer. is "erase nvram" procedure. You need to open the router. Next to cpu you will see some gpio dots labeled like this:

   GPIO11 o  <-copper dot here
          o    <- copper dots
         o    <--- this is gpio6 - short to ground

And you see 4 copper dots at corner of cpu. Cfe listens on gpio6 (like most other linksyses).

Disconnect power from router. Now get thin wire or needle and you need to ground GPIO6 (e.g to radio shield). Keep grounded, plug power (let somebody help you if needed), keep grounded for 6-8 s, release. This should erase nvram.

If you are still willing to proceed:

Upgrade is straightforward - use GUI to upload new firmware. I suggest to use mini build first - then upgrade to desired build. Don't forget to restore to defaults.

Old wrt320n thread for reference is here

Hardware: CPU: BCM4717A 354MHz flash: 8MB serial ram: 32MB radio: A + G Antenna gain: 1st and 2nd main 1.5 dbi, 3rd antenna: 2.2 dBi Gigabit ethernet

WARNING: Seems that Linksys wired reset button to wrong gpio, so 30-30-30 reset doesn't work on this router. Reset button works when dd-wrt runs). Also boot_wait is turned off by default (once you load dd-wrt, it is set to on)

Feedback welcome.

dd-wrt mini

dd-wrt std

dd-wrt openvpn

dd-wrt big

Check for new builds are under my downloads, /V24-K26 and subfolders.