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Anyone familiar with Network Stumbler will definately appreciate running Kismet Server or Kismet Drone on their WRT54G, since this router has some of the best radios around, along with nice sturdy RP-TNC connectors to hook up even better antennas to without worry about damaging your wireless card or radio pigtails (I've gone through a number of PCI cards with RP-SMA connectors that keep breaking appart).

What is Kismet

Kismet is a layer 2 wireless network detector, sniffer, and intrusion detection kit.

Kismet is an OSS project for Linux. Find out more information about it at the Official Kismet Wireless site.

Since Kismet is a Linux project, it can run as either the full server, or just a drone server on the WRT54G router. You are then free to run a Kismet client on your desktop computer view the output.

Server or Drone

The Kismet project has developed the capability of running Drones: devices with wireless cards that mearly send their data back to a Kismet server. If you run the Kismet Drone on your DD-WRT box, you'll need to run the client and the server elsewhere. Both can be on your desktop computer, or you could have a machine somewhere else running just the server. Running a Kismet drone on your WRT and the Client/Server on a desktop computer(s) seems to be the most common installation. [I was not able to get this to work, so someone else will have to write that part of the HowTo.]

Since the kismet server is capable of running on top of DD-WRT one is able to simplify the installation by only running a client on their desktop machine.

Installing & Configuring on the WRT54G

If you desire to install just the drone on the WRT54G, you'll have to wait until someone more knowledgeable comes along. You can try the links in the external links section.


Installing & Configuring on the Desktop

External Links

These are the references I used when creating this wiki Kismet on the WAP54G WRT54G with OpenWRT + kismet-drone + kismet-server and kismet_client for windows (XP) running on cygwin