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So far I've learned of 3 ways to configure the DD-WRT, so that it will perform DNS for your local network. I don't claim to know which way is preferred by the developer(s) of the DD-WRT.

1) Editting the /etc/hosts file

This is probably the first place one attempts getting this to work if you have a *NIX background. And it does work here with a **caveat** , once you've editted your /etc/hosts, you need to restart/reload DNSMasq. So for example if you populate your /etc/hosts with the startup_rc script like:

'echo    somename' >> /etc/hosts

from the startup script. You also need to put:

killall dnsmasq 
dnsmasq --conf-file /tmp/dnsmasq.conf 

in your startup script. So your script ends up looking like:

'echo    somename' >> /etc/hosts

killall dnsmasq 
dnsmasq --conf-file /tmp/dnsmasq.conf 

Lastly, if you want the router to append your domain on DNS request, put "expand-hosts" into the DNSMasq other options

2) Additional DNS Options


You can enter DNS info about machines in this format:


For example:


Or fully qualified:


Then things I don't like about this way are:

1) You can't have two (or more) names for the same machine in the same entry like in /etc/hosts. So instead you are forced to do:


2) I haven't been able to figure out how to have it append the domain name, so you end up needing both the short name and the fully qualified name (like above)

3) Creating static leases

Static leases from Administration->Services->DHCP Server

You just hit "add", and type them in. You need to "save" settings at the bottom of the page (Duh). The thing I don't like about this method is:

1) If you do NOT want to tie MAC addresses with IPs then you have to use a fake MAC address on this form, because the info doesn't save without a MAC address

2) If you need to enter many of these, it get tedious