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Added some more heartbeat info to
Mostly stuff about a cron job bug, so you may wanna take a look. --Pepsimax2k 14:33, 7 October 2007 (CEST)

RE: Fon heartbeat on fonera...
Yeah I know there's technically only one command used to send the heartbeat, but there's obviously different ways of implementing a script that does so. Your one seems to download a lot of different files (at least six in /tmp/simthefon/ and a load of stuff going on in the simthefon file) and the times I tried it I didn't seem to get active as much as I should have, though I'm not sure about that as all my heartbeats mess up now and then...
I've been using freddy's script on other routers successfully for ages now, and I've not noticed any problems with stuff appearing active, and I also prefer the script as there's only 2 files, it's much easier to understand what's going on in the code and it's also a lot more similar to the original heartbeat code in the official firmware so others familiar with that should feel more at home with freddy's. And I just figured some would appreciate the option to use either if they found they had problems with one. --Pepsimax2k 20:52, 3 October 2007 (CEST)

Good idea to translate these pages into several languages. It is a large work but I hope that some Foneras will be flashed thanks to our work. Maintenance will be complicated however. Microbug 13:59, 2 Apr 2007 (CEST)

As we have seen it for a few days, the users do not think of publishing their contributions in the various languages of the wiki. I think that the best solution is to translate the articles from time to time, when there are important evolutions. We can specify at the foot of the page the date of last translation and put a small message saying that the English version is often most up to date.
What do you think about it? Microbug 13:18, 5 Apr 2007 (CEST)