Ubiquiti Litestation 2 (LS2/LS5/PS2/PS5/NS2/NS5/LSX)

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Upgrading Ubiquiti LS2 to DD-WRT v24 (the same procedure works for other Ubiquiti products as well, just the files and filenames are different)

[edit] Requirements:

  • Direct ethernet cable connection between PC and LiteStation
  • Network settings of PC:
  • TFTP client on PC
  • LiteStation firmware file (e.g. LS2.dd-wrt.bin for LiteStation2)

[edit] Flashing procedure:

  1. Please ensure that the latest firmware revision of Ubiquiti is already installed using the web upgrade utility (e.g.V 2.1.9). If not, please reflash it using the Ubiquiti LS2 web interface. This is important to ensure that the latest RedBoot bootloader is installed.
    1. Power off the device and power it on again while holding the reset button for about ~10 seconds
    2. Flash LS2.dd-wrt.bin using tftp to in binary mode
    3. Windows: tftp -i put LS2.dd-wrt.bin
    4. Linux/Unix/MacOS X: tftp
      1. tftp> bin
      2. tftp> put LS5.dd-wrt.bin
      3. tftp> exit
    5. Wait for about 5 minutes (devices and firmware depending) - do not power off the device ! On version with signal LEDs, the LEDs blinking in different colors during firmware upgrade.
    6. after successfully flashing the unit will be accessible with web on

In RouterStation, we must enter RedBoot through the IP then:
RedBoot> urescue

TFTPD initialized on port: 69 (Memory: [0x8006e000-0x87fe1000])
TFTPD: waiting for connection...

Then immediately:

  1. Windows: tftp -i put RSPRO.dd-wrt.bin
  2. Linux/Unix/MacOS X: tftp
    1. tftp> bin
    2. tftp> put RSPRO.dd-wrt.bin
    3. tftp> exit