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[edit] Introduction (move to Entware)

A newer option is available (as of 2015). It is called 'Entware'. For more see: Installing Entware or Entware Wiki on Github

[edit] Default OpenWRT imx6 repository

The default repository as of <Kong>'s 23550M is http://downloads.openwrt.org/snapshots/trunk/imx6/packages/ which is the OpenWRT build for the Freescale iMX6. Packages from this repository are broadly compatible with our hardware, although not all of them work out of the box with DD-WRT. There are a few notable reasons for this, which you should understand before using packages from the OpenWRT repositories:

  • DD-WRT does not have an overlay filesystem, so everything gets installed under /opt. This will break applications that use hard-coded paths; sometimes a command-line option or an environment variable will fix it; in other cases, a recompile is needed.
  • Kernel modules shipped with the OpenWRT repository are not compatible with the kernel in DD-WRT; some applications will work if the requisite module is available under DD-WRT (e.g. fuse) but if your application requires non-standard kernel modules (from DD-WRT's perspective) then you will need to provide them manually.
  • DD-WRT does not use the same startup arrangements as OpenWRT, so anything that relies on init.d for startup will need adaptations to run on DD-WRT.

There is much that still works in spite of these limitations, but do not expect all OpenWRT packages to work unmodified on DD-WRT.

[edit] Alternative repositories

[edit] Build your own

[edit] Build your own repository

If you want to create your own package repository, you will need to set up an OpenWRT buildroot environment and configure it for target 'imx6' as per the stock repository, or 'bcm53xx', which is a new OpenWRT target that covers ARM-based Broadcom 47xx and 53xx SOCs. Don't try to select all packages by default; it may also be helpful to look at http://buildbot.openwrt.org:8010/broken_packages/ for a hint of what's broken according to the OpenWRT buildbot.

[edit] Build a single package

You can build packages using an OpenWRT SDK, which may be an easier option if you do not wish to rebuild a whole repository. However, at the time of writing, there is no obvious SDK for imx6 in their Downloads section, and there are no autobuilds at all yet for bcm53xx, so if you want an SDK, you'll have to roll it yourself from the OpenWRT buildroot as above.

[edit] User repositories

There are no mature, stable Optware repositories available for the R7000 at the time of writing (February 2013) and until stated otherwise, anything in this section should be taken to be raw, bleeding-edge, untested, alpha and generally for experienced users only. If you compile your own repository and are prepared to go public with it, please list it here.

[edit] magick777's devel repository

User magick777 has started to recompile his own package repository for use with <Kong>'s K3-AC-ARM builds; it starts out being little different to the iMX6 repository but the aim is to fix some of the known incompatibilities and add functionality where possible.