DNSMasq using alternative DNS-Servers

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[edit] Alternative DNS Servers

You want to use an alternative DNS-Servers with DNSMasq and not the DNS-Servers assigned to your router from your provider? (And you also don't want to change your DHCP-Settings in your router to push the alternative DNS-Servers to your clients because you also use many static IP-addresses.)

Precondition: Every computer in your network use your router as DNS-Server. (Computer who do not use your router as DNS-Server will not be affected by this change.)

There can be many purposes why you want to use other DNS-Server (and not the DNS-Servers of your provider)

  • You provider hijacks every DNS-request which can not be resolved and redirects it directly to his own search page on his web servers (e.g. the German provider T-Online)
  • other reasons...

  1. Go to the Commands tab under Administration.
  2. In the Commands box paste the following:
   echo "nameserver
   nameserver" > /tmp/resolv.dnsmasq
   sleep 1
   killall -HUP dnsmasq
  1. Click Save Firewall (note: your WAN interface will be restarted)

And of course you can replace the listed DNS-Servers by your own desired servers. If necessary, you can find a few open DNS-Servers at [1] (Sorry - but it is only available in German language).

After that step you just have to restart your router (or even a re-connect to your internet provider is enough).