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[edit] Bittorrent clients

[edit] Built in Transmission

Starting with r23655, a version of <Kong's> firmware including the Transmission bittorrent client is available on <Kong>'s server. You are encouraged to read pages 126-127 of the r7000 forum thread for further information.

[edit] Optware [WIP]

[edit] rtorrent

[edit] Install rtorrent

Available in magick777's repository, with libncursesw recompiled to find terminfo in /opt.

[edit] Configure rtorrent

rtorrent looks for its rc file in ~/.rtorrent.rc, but on DD-WRT, /tmp/root is stored in memory and recreated on startup. So, let's put an rc file in /jffs/etc instead.

wget -qO- > /jffs/etc/rtorrent.rc

edit it to our requirements, and now make it available where required

ln -sf /jffs/etc/rtorrent.rc /tmp/root/.rtorrent.rc

You'll want to add that command to your rc_startup so that the file is re-linked on each reboot; you can do so by adding the above to your startup commands. Now you can start rtorrent. Assuming you want to configure it with the WAN IP address of the router on the fly, try doing this with

rtorrent -b $(nvram get wan_ipaddr)

[edit] ctorrent

[edit] aria2

[edit] transmission [deprecated]

[edit] Blocked access to torrent sites?

If you live in a country where your ISP is mandated to block access to torrent indexing sites, then you might wish to read both Privoxy_Custom_Config and Tor_on_R7000. You should not route actual BitTorrent data connections through Tor; this is useful for circumventing URL blocking of torrent indexing websites.

[edit] Bittorrent trackers [WIP]