Belkin F5D7230-4 v2000,v2000de + Belkin F5D7231-4 v1102,v1003ee, and v1103uk

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Belkin F5D7230-4 v2000

This version has a different flash chip than the other versions, and it will enter a reboot loop if a special serial flash build is not used. If you have already flashed the device and it is in a reboot loop, you can still flash the correct build using TFTP.

This version also has a different switch chip so only wireless will work after flashing. Wired can be enabled, but the ports can only be set to either WAN or LAN. If you only have wireless clients or want to use it as an Wireless_Access_Point or Wireless_Bridge; this is not a problem. However, you are not able to use this device as a wired router with wired clients.

Eko has made serial flash builds for the F5D7230-4 v2000. Bv2000 Build 13491

Micro and Micro-plus builds are available.

Flashing method is the same as Belkin_F5D7230-4_v2xxx_and_Lower.

Enabling Wired Ports

After flashing, the router will only be accessible through wireless.

  1. Connect to the router over wireless. The default SSID is dd-wrt. You will be able to access the GUI at
  2. Telnet to In Windows type telnet in command prompt. The default username is root and password is admin
  3. Type the following commands:
nvram set Belkin_ver=2000
nvram commit

The default setting is for all the ports to act as LAN ports.

Setting Wired Ports to WAN

It is not possible to set only the WAN port to WAN due to the switch chip in this version. You may set all the ports to WAN after following the above instructions for enabling wired ports. In this mode, you cannot connect any other wired devices other than WAN. If you are going to use the device as an AP or client bridge, this step is not needed.

Connect to the router using wired or wireless and telnet to as explained above.

To use all ethernet ports as WAN, set

nvram set wan_to_lan=yes
nvram commit

To restore setting to LAN (default)

nvram unset wan_to_lan
nvram commit