USRobotics 8054 Compatability?

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PostPosted: Thu May 13, 2010 16:10    Post subject: USRobotics 8054 Compatability? Reply with quote
I have a USRobotics 8054. I have read many of the articles that this web site recommends to get started with DD-WRT (although I will be the first to say I’ve probably missed things however I have tried to read various FAQs, Peacock etc. that I think I need to read)

Let me tell you the facts so that I can give you as much data as I can so you can possibly help me.

The router is a USR8054 however the hardware compatibility guide says whats supported is USRobotics 805430, I’m not sure this is the same router. The FCC Code is exactly the SAME, however the voltage of my router is 5v .5a, but the HW Compatibility says 12v .5a
The Hardware guide says its Platform and freq is Broadcom 4712@200

Can anyone tell me if this is the same router, and if I should try to use the dd-wrt.v24_Micro_generic.bin that is recommended by the dd download search engine.

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PostPosted: Thu May 13, 2010 17:01    Post subject: Reply with quote
If the fcc number is the same, it should be the same router. The voltage in the supported devices has a question mark so it was likely a guess. There is no install wiki for this router, so you are taking a chance as you are flying without a net. I would suggest a search on the model number and see if you can come up with additional info.
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PostPosted: Thu May 13, 2010 19:18    Post subject: Reply with quote
This is a very old router from a time when only the radio part of the router were FCC tested.
An FCC lookup shows that the FCC ID belongs to the pci radio card so it is not possible to draw any other conclusion about compatibility between USR 805430 and USR 8054.

The 805430 has only 2MB of flash so any builds bigger than micro will not fit. 8MB of ram only, this is a very neutered router that wont be able to handle todays ISP speeds..

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PostPosted: Fri May 14, 2010 16:04    Post subject: Reply with quote
Thanks for your responses.

I want to use the router really for testing purposes so the speed is not important to me at this time.

I have tried the following to no success.
USRobotics 8084

I have tried the standard way of changing firmware with this router to no success.
E.g. go to router and just update the firmware in the router GUI.

When I click on Upgrade I get a not found web page. It takes me to the “this page cannot be found” I have tried this on both vista (disabled Compound TCP on vista) and then XP. (Cleared cache on broswer IE)
(By the way I have not gone nuts with the default IP address that is really the default

Next I tried the tftp2 method. I have tried to set the tries to 10 times. I get the message “Unable to get responses from server”
I have tried this with a static and non static IP on both the router and the client.

I wondered if the method would be something similar to the USR5461 so I tried following the instructions for Method 1 from these instructions, but no luck. Same message as above Unable to get responses from server.

USR is obviously a little different as noted in the above document whether that’s true on this router I don’t know. It appears that the firmware for the router USR5461 must have a special name. Im not sure if that is true for my 8054 router. But I have not gone any further with this idea. Of course Im willing to take any advice anyone has to offer to resolve the issue. BUT.. based on the LOMs comments, Im sort of thinking I should call it a day and take my cables and go home.

Basically I dont want to wase all your time and some of mine already. Does this seem reasonable or are there any faint hope Ideas anyone has?

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PostPosted: Wed Jan 30, 2013 19:10    Post subject: Reply with quote
I just tested to flash the USR8054 with DD-WRT.

FTFP Tool under Win8 failed due timing issues. I tried OS/X, ftfp command works as a charm, however "Disk full" error at 1MB.

Many thread claiming the USR8054 equal to the USR805430, this is not in terms of available flash. The USR8054 is limited to 1MB .

Although it is an old thread, I hope that I was able to help some people out! Wink
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