rt73usb + aircrack1.0

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PostPosted: Wed Apr 14, 2010 13:26    Post subject: rt73usb + aircrack1.0 Reply with quote

I've managed to compile rt73 module along with recent aircrack-ng. I've included all the programs/modules to dd-wrt.v24-13309_NEWD-2_K2.6_big.bin

The following was added:
- aircrack-ng 1.0
- openssl 1.0
- rt73 + firmware
- wireless-tools.29

I've have tested it successfully on my Asus rt n16, though it should work on other routers as well.

Please note the size of the firmware! It is bigger than 8MB therefore you will need a router with 16MB flash? It should not be a big deal to use dd-wrt.v24-13309_NEWD-2_K2.6_std.bin (standard version) and include the above using firmware-modification-kit, so it will fit all routers with 8MB flash.

In order to activate rt73 module, please switch on USB support in webconfig. Moreover, the following nvram variables have to be set:
rt73="1" (if you intend to use rt2x00.serialmonkey.com rt73 module - rt73-cvs-2009041204)
rt73="2" (if you intend to use rt73-k2wrlz-3.0.3 module - this supports injection for aircrack-ng)
rt73ap="1" (if you'd like your rt73 to create an ad-hoc network you can connect to, the essid: testAP, wep key: 0011223344, ip:

For more details please check (/etc/config/rt73.startup)

Please note that rt73ap="1" function can be only used in conjunction with rt73="1" (rt73ap will not work with rt73="2", though you should be able to configure it yourself using iwconfig and ifname: rausb0)

Please also note, that rt73 has to be plugged during booting of the router (it will not work if you plug it in once the router is already booted).

Flashing instructions:
- use tftp (other options might work as well, but I have not tested them)

You should not use iwconfig to configure broadcom chipset. It might work but it might not. Use 'wl'.

All the best,
Grzegorz Dymarek


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PostPosted: Wed Apr 14, 2010 13:34    Post subject: Reply with quote
Nice work..

tmk, the rt-n16 is the only router (consumer) that has more than 8mb flash so testing will be limited to only n16 owners.

[Moderator Deleted] Shocked

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PostPosted: Wed Apr 14, 2010 13:56    Post subject: Reply with quote
Why did you compile these components on such an ancient build?

Good work btw Wink...We need to start making use of the RT's 32MB of flash... Cool

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PostPosted: Thu Apr 15, 2010 13:22    Post subject: Reply with quote
Here is updated version, based on latest eko's dd-wrt.v24-14144_NEWD-2_K2.6_big.bin

The following has been changed/updated:
- testAP does not require encryption/key anymore

It's now possible to create a 'wifi forwarder' without the use of command line (just using the web gui). In this case the Broadcom will act as Client and rt73 will be used to create ad-hoc network one can connect to. The traffic on rt73 will be NATed to the network from broadcom. In order to do it, please follow this howto: http://www.dd-wrt.com/wiki/index.php/Client_Mode_Wireless#The_easy_way

The following steps have to be changed:
- after point 6 (before point 7), activate USB support and active rt73 and rt73ap (as per the first post in this thread). Do router reboot.
- in point 14, router LAN ip must be:, mask
- in point 19, disable firewall totally (you might play around with it but it definitely will work if you disable it, and will not work if it is enabled as per default rules)

Grzegorz Dymareek


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PostPosted: Sat Jan 08, 2011 0:49    Post subject: Reply with quote

Great work! But can you explain how you managed to compile the rt73 module please?

I'ld like to add it to my DD-WRT v24-sp2 (12/19/10) mini-usb-ftp - build 15943M NEWD-2 Eko.

Best regards,

DD-WRT Novice

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PostPosted: Mon Aug 01, 2011 11:32    Post subject: Reply with quote
Hi to ALL!
gregd72002, really great work!
I have the same idea - to connect Realtek 8187 to the router (DIR-320/620 or 632 from D-Link), using Your succesfull results...
Kindly ask You to provide detailed info of how to integrate drivers into the firmware and how to set the router!
Will be very appreciated for Your assistance!

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PostPosted: Mon Aug 01, 2011 13:41    Post subject: Reply with quote
Sorry guys, cannot remember much on how I compiled it. But it is not a big deal.
Get a toolchain, download drivers (rt73-k2wrlz or rt2x00) and compile it.

Might be also helpful to look in here: http://www.dd-wrt.com/wiki/index.php/Development
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