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PostPosted: Tue Nov 10, 2009 6:06    Post subject: SD MOD NOOB Reply with quote
I will explain what I have and what I've done what I see so I beg your indulgence.
I have a linksys wrt54gl router mod with dd-wrt to allow for better utilization of the hardware
Doing a dmesg | grep Linux I see this
Linux version 2.4.33-pre2 (root@linux) (gcc version 4.1.0)
I wanted to do the SD mod and so I went online and looked for the process I found one showing how to directly wire a card so I chose that one.

I used a Corsair 60X 2G Sd card
this was the pinout I used

I used the wiring plan I saw on several tuts all were the same.
After wiring I connected everything back up and the router worked just as before so and I tested for continuity and shorts and everything looked OK

I also read that I need to format the sd card in ext2 format. I am not sure how to do this using the access to teh router I have currently telnet to and the dd-wrt interface.When I tried the SSH. Putty (my SSH util)came back with connection refused.

I also issued the dmesg |grep mmc and saw this
mmc: definitly not a old GPIO MMC HW, try to use new GPIO Layout
mmc: Okay, as it seems this board has no MMC Mod!
mmc: error in mmc_init (-1)

I also tried the gpio enable/disable for pins 2,3,4,7
and I can see them go high and low though some were reversed.

In the dd-wrt admin panel I found the MMC section and it did not look like screenshots I saw online mine showed only enable and disable

no gpio pins select
or the actual pin setting options

With the front of the case removed I see the following light sequenceunder the switch the white led blinks about once a second off and on the other flashes amber and yellow about once a second interlacing the white led
the DMZ light never comes on

That is where I am and I have several questions.
I also request an answers to be fairly detailed on the how to steps as I am new to access things through this router. I did the original dd-wrt mod with the help of nicely detailed instructions.

I think my version of dd-wrt is good enough but the difference in the MMC section of the admin makes me wonder so I may need to upgrade dd-wrt.

I also need to know how to mount the sd card card and then format it in the ext2 format using telnet or the dd-wrt interface.

I have played with linux on webservers so I am not COMPLETELY unfamiliar with Linux but do not know some of the simple things either.

I assume I would be able to telnet in and see the SD card when everything os working correctly but if there is something else I am still missing but don;t know about yet I would appreciate that knowledge as well.

I thank you for your time.
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