Wirelessly Bridged but no Internet Access

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PostPosted: Sat Oct 31, 2009 0:10    Post subject: Wirelessly Bridged but no Internet Access Reply with quote
I've been going at this for four days now and I give up... Here's my situation.

My landlord has a wireless network for us all with no security. I have no intention of sending things on such a network, so I want to create a bridge from that router to my place (I'm too far for wires).

There is a standard LinkSys router which hands out the IP addresses. I have a WRT54G and a WHRG300N. What I want to do is plug my WRT54G into the router, then wirelessly bridge my WHRG300N to it, to give me a place to plug in my desktop and my NAS. The LinkSys router is in charge of internet access and DHCP.

Both my routers are set up with DDWRT. One is set to and the other to .3

I have an encrypted wireless network between them, one is a client of the other, and either from a wired connection to my DDWRT routers, or by joining my encrypted network, I can:
1. Access the web interface of the main router, and my two bridging routers.
2. Get DHCP addresses from the main router.
3. Access my NAS no matter where I plug it in.
4. All of my machines get DNS IPs that are outside of the network, the right router IP and so on...

Just one big problem. No matter what I do, wired or wireless, accessing websites gives me no network. My Router plugs in to port one (not the WAN) of one of my bridged routers. I'm pretty sure it's hooked up right as I get my IP addresses. I've switched off routing on both routers, I've switched off the "Connection" on both routers, and I've switched off the firewall on both routers.

But no luck.

If I connect to the unsecured network (directly to I can access my two bridged routers (one of which is connected directly, one of which is on the other side of my wireles bridge) plus I can access my desktop (which is plugged in to the other side of the wireless bridge) and I can access the Internet... But when I connect to any part of my DD-WRT wireless bridge, I can do anything EXCEPT connect to the internet.

I'm kinda confused and I've run out of things to teak and try. I've been through these forums and so far found nothing. In all likihood I've missed something silly, but I just can't see it any more... Can anyone spot the mistake I've made?

Thanks for any help.

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PostPosted: Sun Nov 08, 2009 13:02    Post subject: Reply with quote
1. Set the Gateway IP on the routers to in Setup -> Basic Setup page.

2. Are the clients on that DD-WRT wireless bridge router getting the correct DNS numbers from the DHCP server?

It's okay if clients are showing (using) as the DNS number as long as the router itself is getting the correct DNS server numbers from the ISP.

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