Help with new long range setup. No signal ~ .4 mile

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PostPosted: Sun Mar 07, 2010 22:53    Post subject: Help with new long range setup. No signal ~ .4 mile Reply with quote
This is my setup:

2 WRT54GL routers with home made 4dia"x12Length" PVC pipe antennas lined with aluminum foil with the dipole installed using the online formula for placement.

I have both antennas setup using LMR-195. 1 antenna is on a tripod in the front yard with 2.5 length lmr-195 setup in AP mode using ch6.

The 2nd wrt54gl using dd-wrt in repeater-bridge mode is .3 miles away Clear line us sight using the same kind of antenna but this has ~11' of LMR-195 connected to the router.

I set both wrt's to 250mW power, and aimed them the best I could, and I dont see anything in sight survey nor the wiz.

Is this failure due to the antenna build? I will try and post some pics when I get some time.

I would like some ideas for other antenna designs that will work for my project.

I was looking at a build with a sheet of copper and then a copper bow tie looking element in top. I have some good stainless and some good 12ga copper wire to build an antenna. But I need some feedback on my build. thx.

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PostPosted: Tue Mar 09, 2010 17:10    Post subject: Reply with quote
If you did your setup the same way you did your post format... no wonder, we dont want to scroll sideways Microsoft paint + Ctrl & W = resize try 50%
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PostPosted: Mon Mar 15, 2010 5:46    Post subject: Reply with quote
There could be many things that have gone wrong. Cables for example. I am good at soldering but for the life of me I can't make good microwave cables. keep cable runs short. Microwave signal attenuates fast in cables.

Have you tested the antennas with something like Kismet to see if the fault is outside of DD-WRT setup? Actually, check out this really simple to use wireless network antenna alignment software
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PostPosted: Thu Mar 18, 2010 17:57    Post subject: Reply with quote
If the house is on the other side of those tree's you will be lucky to pick it up at all. Trees kill signal.

Even if you have a path between them you need enough clearance for the Fresnel zone or else you will start experiencing problems. If you have a clearance that is almost big enough but not quite you will have it associate but it won't pass traffic.

Also why not just buy 2 ubiquiti nanostation 2's from the dd-wrt shop, they won't require as precise aiming and you won't have to worry about antenna/cable quality or calculating your EIRP by guessing the antenna gain on your homemade cantenna.

If the house is directly behind the tree's just stick a pole in the ground in front of the trees that is the necessary height above the Fresnel zone. Then bury some wire direct burial wire to the house when the ground thaws (Just run it over the ground for now).

Ubiquiti gear is powered over your ethernet cable so no need to go and run power as well.

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PostPosted: Thu Mar 25, 2010 15:39    Post subject: Reply with quote
Use a real can - Spray paint if your worried about the weather.

Cantennas give shitty receive tho, I would try a parabolic (both sides):

Always test your setup locally (short range) with stock antennae 1st.

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PostPosted: Sat Apr 17, 2010 9:26    Post subject: Reply with quote
I see some problems; Fresnel Zone for 1, go;

You need 15ft of clearance on all sides from your centerline.

You may want too consult an (ARRL book) for your antenna specs, I thought 2.4ghz was only about 5 inch tall, keep in mind too, you need too keep your reflected power ratio at 1.5 too 1, up too 3.0 too 1, going lower than 1.5/1 is hard on the finals` (out put transistor) anything greater than 2.5-3/1 only adds noise & Transmit power loss.
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PostPosted: Sat May 01, 2010 15:14    Post subject: WDS_2_WRT54gl Reply with quote
maer2 made a comment on testing @ close range to make 100% sure the link is operational which is what should be done before adding distance to any setup./
The link using 2 cantenna style antennas will be marginal but i would think doable., also you will loose much needed RF in a 10 foot run of LMR195 almost 2 Db @ 3Db the signal is doubled. Keep the cable length to a minimum under 1.5 foot @ both ends. 1 foot preffered.
also running both ends @ 250 mw will induce a ton of noise and get you no where. Keep the transmit power under 100mw. Mine are working best @ 87mw both sides.

You say you have line of sight? I take it the AP is located just on the edge of the trees? if so thats fine but if the AP is behind those Evergreens your SOL>
I run a Access Point here and am using 2 WRT54gl's in WDS mode @ a distance of 600+ feet (NLOS) non line of sight with no troubles at all.

My setup consists of at one end WRT54gl housed in a 8x8 Scepter Electrical Enclosure with a 9Dbi omni antenna afixed on the top at a height of approx 40 feet and is Access Point+WDS mode.

At the other end is another WRT54gl housed in the same type enclosure with a 9Dbi omni antenna for laptop Wireless access along with a 19Dbi grid parabolic pointed to the acccess point through many trees and its is @ a height of 10 feet. Acess Point+WDS.

I would think that you could do what youre planning with two Cantenna designs but make sure the link is operational before trying a distance shot./
I'm not sure how that left and right antenna output is in reference to what? the front of the unit or back.
So leave it in auto for now.
Set the one at the internet side as Acess point and the Remote unit as Client Bridge with NO encryption for now.
Also by keeping the transmission to 802.11b as opposed to g you can increase the range slightly.

My setup
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