WRT54G with DD WRT , Connection keeps dropping off randomly.

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PostPosted: Tue Aug 05, 2014 0:07    Post subject: WRT54G with DD WRT , Connection keeps dropping off randomly. Reply with quote
Hi there DD WRT Forum, first and hopefully only thread I've decided to create, because I searched and searched, tryed and yet didn't found an appropiate solution to my problem. Im not english born neither I live in an english country but the forum of my language doesn't quite comforts me as it seems a bit isolated. I may sound a bit caveman like because of this, but I hope you can understand me.

Well, my problem is quite simple. I bought a WRT54G Ver 6.0 a couple years ago and installed it in my house. It has been working great until the last months or so when the connections started dropping randomly, mostly during nighttime from 6 to 10 pm, but all day along nonetheless. This interferes mainly with my online gaming which makes you d/c if you disconnect even for a sec, or while trying to make a forum post or using some online service that requires constant connection. You know...

Disclaimer: I've read the peacock thread and used the searce engine on this forum, even on the whole google results and yet nothing worked.

Here's some details:

-My ISP provides me wired internet trough copper? cable to an SB5101u modem.

-This modem wires to a WRT54G Router v6.

-WRT54G then wires to 2 PC's through ethernet and 4 Wi-Fi devices through WLAN.

-The PC's use WinXPsp2 and Win7Ultimate. The devices are 1 Laptot with Win7HomePremium and 3 cellphones: 2 Androids and 1 Iphone. That makes up to 6 connections.

Now, when connection drops, it drops for every device wired or not, at the same time. So from the word go I thought that the problem had to do with the router or the mode or the ISP, and not with PC's or Devices. Even so I ran scans and antivirus and nothing to be found on them.

So this is a couple of things i've tried:

- I Updated the firmware of my wrt54g, that used to have the linksys 1.00.9 firmware (very old) to dd WRT v23 sp2 (09/15/06). You may wonder this is an old version, yet I didn't quite find which micro version was the appropiate and I ended up installing this one. I am not certain wether I should upgrade It or not. This update made the problem be just a little bit better, but just a little bit.

- I Tried to wire mi pc directly into the modem to check if the connection dropped from the modem or the router. I couldn't stay all day long trying to figure that but from what I looked, I didn't saw the connection dropping or the led light "online" going away while connected. That led me to believe the router is the problem.

- With the firmware now installed I tried to build my wireless in order to consume less ram and so (so it said on the wiki). Nothing changed.

- I Tried to limit MTU... Raising Maximum DHCP users... Changing Wireless Channel... Disabling all useless stuff I wouldn't use, raising maximum ports. Nothing changed.

- I Tried completely disabling Wi Fi and stay with only ethernet. This seemed to relief the situation a lot, but It still happened after a while.

- I Tried logging the damn thing and even though I got wallwatcher, I really can't understand the logs and wether I am logging right or wrong.

Now, some things I think are important:

- I Don't think its a wire issue because connection drops off on all devices at the same time, and my wires look quite clean.

- I have a suspect it could be overheating issue yet Router doesn't neccesarily resets, but the connection does. Router keeps on and resets only when I apply changes on the setup. If the connection drops, it gets on again quickly, I don't even lose the DNS IP's in the process. Plus the router is a cool area.

- I called my ISP, they told me my connection was fine and good to go, and the only they told me is that "my router is asking for IP's". I called only once though.

- I know that WRT54G doesnt have much room for memory and I always see the "used" percentage on the display about 90%+ , never below that. I don't know if that could be the reason yet whenever I disconnect i immediatly check the values of the Router (I would like to add that keeps alive and healthy even while connection drops, so I guess the thing is between the router and the Modem).

Values keep the same,in this situation, no DNS renewal, no tons of IPS asked, no overcharge of RAM, just 90%.

- I Checked the power source. Its fine...

- I've been wondering wether the Modem-Router cable could be the problem... (I'm replacing it right now) or wether the modem be the problem and I'm just messing around the router which works just fine. In that case I've no clue what to do.

Could someone help me out and tell me what to do next?

Sorry If I made any mistake creating this post, its my first time.

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PostPosted: Tue Aug 05, 2014 6:22    Post subject: Reply with quote
Did you try removing power from the modem and rebooting it?

So it is 2 years old?

The best way to test the power source is to replace it with a new one. Power sources are inexpensive.

A marginal power source will cause all sorts of issues.

See if you can find a 12v 2 or 2.5 amp supply with the same connector.

There is also the possibility of a capacitor on the main board going bad and causing intermittent issues.

There are previous posts here about the problem.

Good luck

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Read the peacock announcement carefully and slowly.
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