STOP!-READ FIRST: This area is NOT for router help! READ!

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PostPosted: Thu Jul 16, 2009 14:46    Post subject: STOP!-READ FIRST: This area is NOT for router help! READ! Reply with quote
DO NOT POST IN THIS AREA OF THE FORUM UNLESS you are asking a question that is about dd-wrt itself and NOT related to a particular router model. Any question related to a particular model of router should be posted IN the forum for the chipset the router has regardless of whether you state your model of router in your post.
How to do things/technical problems/router questions do not belong here and will be moved, ignored, locked or deleted.
When posting in the proper forum always include your router name and model, the build you are using, and all details of configuration and network topology.

IF YOU ARE ASKING HOW TO DO ANYTHING, this is the wrong forum!

If you are not certain what type of hardware you have, most (though not all) Linksys routers are Broadcom.

Please post any questions where the router has a mediatek chipset router in the RALINK FORUM. (Update (by redhawk0): MediaTek owns Ralink...since 2011)

Post questions about routers with Qualcomm processors in the Atheros forum.

Post questions where the router has one of the very few supported Marvell chipset routers in the new Marvell forum.

You can check your hardware type for the router you are using or plan to use and determine the proper forum by looking up your router make model and version and then checking the wireless NIC column of the supported devices wiki:

Also, before asking if a router is supported, look at that supported devices link to see if your router is already supported. If it isn't you can do a forum search on the router model to see if there are any developments. A ROUTER THAT IS CLOSE, TO YOURS BUT NOT EXACTLY THE SAME MAKE AND MODEL IS NOT A SUPPORTED ROUTER. YOU CANT USE A BUILD FOR A SUPPORTED ROUTER THAT IS CLOSE TO THE SAME ON A MODEL THAT IS NOT IDENTICAL IN MAKE, MODEL AND VERSION NUMBER. Also check the known incompatible link:

Incompatible means NO. No means NO! The answer will not change just because YOU are asking! If you can't find any information on your router, dd-wrt can't be used on it. Just because it has the same hardware as another router doesn't mean it dd-wrt can be used on it or that getting the router supported is easy! (It's not!) The developers are not going to spend hours and hours figuring out how to put dd-wrt on a router just because YOU want it on your obscure device. And you CAN'T (CAN NOT) put dd-wrt on a modem/router combo. NONE. ( special atheros buffalo model availale at the dd-wrt store, but besides that one..) It cannot be done. There are NO dd-wrt binaries to flash even if you don't want to use the modem! Any device that does ADSL or DSL IS a modem/router and is NOT supported!

This requirement for you to post in the proper forum for your router is for your BENEFIT. You are FAR better off to post a question about your router in the forum that matches your hardware. Broadcom Forum for Broadcom hardware. Atheros Forum for Atheros Hardware. Ralink in the Ralink Forum

LET ME MAKE THIS CLEAR AS I WANT YOU TO GET THE ASSISTANCE YOU ARE SEEKING: If you know the model number of the router you are asking about, you are to look it up in the supported devices wiki linked above and post in the forum that matches the processor for your router and NOT POST IN THIS GENERAL FORUM! Do not decide that "your" question impacts on everyone and is 'general' in nature, and bypass these instructions; that's not how dd-wrt works-different builds and different chipsets and different kernels all respond differently and require different instructions and explaining why it is necessary to post in the right forum would double the length of this thread. IF YOU ARE ASKING ANYTHING WITH A PARTICULAR ROUTER IN MIND, POST IN THAT ROUTER'S FORUM OR YOUR POST MAY BE LOCKED OR DELETED. Just because dd-wrt has similar features doesn't mean that they all work the same and different chipsets have different setups and issues with dd-wrt.

And don't think you can circumvent this by simply not posting your router make and model - posting in the proper forum is for YOUR benefit.

This forum is for discussion dd-wrt in general - what it is. What it can do. It is not for discussing flashing or setting up of particular routers.

If you use the word iptable anywhere in your post, the post probably belongs in advanced networking forum, not here. So does any discussion of setting up a VPN. This forum is NOT for information on configuring individual routers!

If you have a multiple router setup, and have a problem, post in the forum of the router that is not working or that you want information on how to configure.. If the primary works and the second doesn't, post in the forum for the second router. If the primary doesn't work, post in the forum for the primary router.

AND...IF YOU HAVE A BROADCOM PROCESSOR (which you should know from clicking on the link for the supported devices) make sure you READ THE ANNOUNCEMENTS at the top of the broadcom forum prior to posting. Many of the questions people have posted here without reply are answered in those announcements. IT IS LIKELY THAT WHAT INFORMATION YOU NEED TO POST OR HOW TO SOLVE YOUR PROBLEM IS DEALT WITH IN THOSE ANNOUNCEMENTS IF YOU HAVE A BROADCOM PROCESSOR! I will ALWAYS delete a post rather than move it if it is clear to me that you need to read the broadcom announcements - it is my way of telling you that you need to read them.

If you want to know about linking routers, (ie. connecting one router to another router or modem wirelessly or with a cable) go to this wiki article:

If you want to access the builds, they are here:

Most of the people in this forum are noobs. Many of those who know what they are doing do not browse this forum regularly. I am noticing that a lot of simple questions are not being answered in this forum or are being answered incorrectly by people who don't know what they are talking about. These questions would have been answered quickly if they had been posted in the forum that matches the hardware AFTER reading that forum's announcements!.

I had one forum member cry righteous indignation because their post was locked AFTER they were clearly told this is the wrong forum. This website is set up for efficiency and the rules are here for a reason. They apply to you. It is not your forum and the rules about this general forum are not yours to break. If one person posts in violation of the above, then everyone thinks they can and posts are all over the place.

If your post is deleted or locked, you are still free to re-post in the proper forum. (Unless you get mad about it, send an abusive email and get banned!)

And NO, I WILL NOT SEND YOU A PERSONAL PM when your thread is deleted. It is you who did not follow the rules and I will not spend my time re-explaining for your personal benefit what is already in this post!


I'm trying to teach you to fish, not give you a fish. If you just want a fish, wait for a fisherman who hands them out. I'm more of a fishing instructor.
LOM: "If you show that you have not bothered to read the forum announcements or to follow the advices in them then the level of help available for you will drop substantially, also known as Murrkf's law.."
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