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PostPosted: Wed Jul 15, 2009 14:14    Post subject: STOP! IMPORTANT- READ THIS BEFORE POSTING! Reply with quote
There are other announcements and stickies at the top of this forum. You NEED to read them, and it's free to do so. This will help you get your router running properly, and prevent you from bricking it. This is a requirement for flashing third party firmware. So....


otherwise, people WILL be unhappy....and we won't be afraid to "Pogo" you.

If you got a link to the pogo thread, it was likely because you didn't read the announcements.

So...don't make us come over there and holler at you.

Not reading the announcements prior to continuing means you are being a "bonehead". The announcements are here to assist you, and to help get others to assist you! Why make that difficult!?!?

I mean, its right at the top in all caps. It wastes everyone's time when you don't start with basics. There is important information for you in them, and they also set out important information that others who wish to help need. And we can tell that you haven't read the announcements because you don't give the information that you are asked to give in the announcements...and sometimes because we see you haven't done your part, you won't get a response.

If someone has sent you to this thread, it is because they feel the answer to your issue is already in the announcements, or that you need to provide the some of the information that the announcements ask you to provide...or both.

Sigh. We need an announcement to read the announcements? Sad, but true.Crying or Very sad Wink ALL the announcements.

DHC_DarkShadow wrote:
Slowly Very Happy

This is an important post that attempts to explain some of the non-intuitive inconsistencies at this site and also has the forum rules and guidelines that contain important information for getting assistance, (without which, you likely won't get useful/any responses or could end up with your post being deleted):

Here is important information about NOT using SP1 and a late version of v.24 or the crappy build 10/10/09 (13064) which are builds that only a bonehead who hasn't read the announcements would use and sets out the forum recommended stable build you want for ALL broadcom supported routers:
Firmware Recommendations - Still 14929 - 09/15/13

Here is the peacock thread announcement, that contains lots of information about various aspects of dd-wrt, including how to flash properly and how builds work. It also contains information on WAN Ip issues, links to bridging routers articles, tons of stuff that you really need to have dd-wrt work properly, and tells the information you need to give to help us help you. Peacock Thread-FAQ: EVERYTHING you NEED to know! Really!!

ALL of these contain important information. PLEASE READ them ALL!

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