how to access USB drive from WL500gP w/ DD-WRT v24 mega?

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PostPosted: Fri Oct 03, 2008 11:33    Post subject: Reply with quote
Ahhh, thank you patwood, those are great links to good reads.

Will update you all soon - on my pending success?? ( Embarassed = me hoping for the best)
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PostPosted: Tue Oct 21, 2008 13:37    Post subject: Reply with quote
I'm having problems getting USB to work with an ASUS WL500G Premium V2 with the DD-WRT V24 Mega build. First, it seems like the jffs partition is not quite big enough to install Optware, and installing it from a CIFS drive doesn't work due to the lack of symbolic links. I have a USB 1Gig flash drive (also tried an 8Gig with similar results). The first time after I format the drive with ext2, I can see it OK and mount the /dev/scsi device as /opt in partition 1. However, it won't stay connected. After running the installer and saving a few files in /opt/etc, the router restarts, and comes back without the /dev/scsi device. The partition appears to get corrupted, with the lun0 directory there but part1 missing, and sometime you'll see I/O errors during the first Optware install. I can read the drive OK again from another system once I reformat with ext2.

Is there also a way to have the drive recognized when inserted into the router instead of just when turning it on? The standard ASUS firmware appears to read/write both of these drives OK.
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PostPosted: Mon Nov 03, 2008 8:38    Post subject: Reply with quote
I'm having problems with USB on ASUS WL500G Premium V2 with the DD-WRT v24-sp1 Mega and standard build with manual activation of USB and filesystem modules.
I succeed to activate USB 2.0 mass storage support with both builds, and all seems OK. I create partitions with ext2 and ext3 FS and succeed to write on them. It has no problem to install base Optiware packages and I try to install additional extras, like samba and torrent client
Unfortunately on different intervals on time the router reboots and after than dmesg report that Usb device do not accept the new address. If I put the device in another USB port or restart router manually everything start OK. I even succeed to install some optiware packages, but the crash come again after some time. I use HDD as mass storage device. Because I have another USB drive - try with it and the result is the same!
I investigate this problem and this is the results:
The crash occurred ONLY when read or write attempt on USB device. If USB is attached and FS is mounted but no read or write activity on drive no crash appear.
The USB device reject to activate after CRASH, but after normal reboot everything start correctly.
The crash appear on different time. Sometimes I can work 10 minutes before crash, sometimes the router reboot after first try to read from device. But
the crash come always! Sometimes even try to "ls" the drive make reboot! Sad
The router do not reboot on another activities - only when Usb device is use.
The both USB mass storage devices work without problems on PC with windows, on PC with Linux and on router with original ASUS firmware.

After all of this and the "baseballbob" problems with USB flash drive I make conclusion that there is some problem with USB support on ASUS WL500G Premium V2 and DD-WRT.
This make me very unhappy, because I bought router mainly to use it by this way!
If someone can help me or make some suggestions for another test I will very thankful.

EDIT: This topic may help:
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