New Build - 01/06/2023 - r51184

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PostPosted: Fri Jan 06, 2023 6:44    Post subject: New Build - 01/06/2023 - r51184 Reply with quote
Welcome to MediaTek r51184 beta release thread for reporting, feedback to developers & community benefit.
Please do not flash builds until installation is understood, risks involved and device specific recovery methods.
Avoid discussions, create threads for questions, general problems or use search; this thread is not for support.
Please list router model & revision, operating & wireless mode(s) and exact filename/firmware image flashed.

Downloads: HTTPS, FTP

CLI Flash: 'cd /tmp' then 'wget {file URL}' (http only) or 'curl -O {file URL}' (http, https, ftp). 'write {file} linux' then 'reboot'.

Trac SVN: repository since last build 51154 (mirror)

OpenVPN 2.5.7: Changelog, Guides, Server, PBR, DNS, Kill Switch, Watchdog, Reverse PBR, Client, Multiple, tips & scripts.
WireGuard 1.0.20211208/Tools: Changelog, Guides, Client, Server, Adv, PBR, KS, tips & scripts. Thanks BS egc & eibgrad!

mDNS/Avahi MAC-Telnet Plex autoburst XFS MiniDLNA FRR inadyn Tor mac80211 nDPI dnsmasq WG firewall kernels holiday
In-kernel SMB (ksmbd/tools 3.4.6/3.4.5): guest user is selectable. • WSD updateANTFS/NTFS3 kernel mode driver++++

Issues, observations, and/or workarounds reported:
WebUI: Clear history or use a portable. Temporary cache bypass: Ctrl+F5, Cmd+Shift+R or new private window/incognito.
Please report findings with steps needed to reproduce, configuration, clients, output, logs and important information below!

Detail issues & relevant configs, logs: syslog klog 'dmesg' 'cat /tmp/var/log/messages' nvram set console_debug=1, serial.
• Firewall NAT: 'iptables -vnL' 'iptables -t nat -vnL' 'iptables -t mangle -vnL' & 'cat /tmp/.ipt'. Misc: strace tcpdump wireshark.
• Gremlins: reboot. cold boot. Reset & reconfigure not restore backup. Search Trac & discuss in forum before opening tickets.
• Include operating & wireless modes (e.g. Gateway, Router, AP, SB, WDS, Mesh) and applicable configurations to reproduce.

Example Template:
[b]Router/Version: [/b]
[b]File/Kernel: [/b]
[b]Previous/Reset: [/b]
[b]Mode/Status: [/b]
[b]Issues/Errors: [/b]

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PostPosted: Wed Jan 11, 2023 0:49    Post subject: DIR-810L B1 k3.10 gateway Reply with quote
I updated the wife's condo gateway router (DIR-810L B1 k3.10) after having issues getting a new TV (Vizio... old one died) connected. It clearly didn't like the wireless WPA2 setup (normal and sha256 enabled) while every other device (many) had no issue. The encryption on the TV always showed "None" despite showing encrypted and asking for a password. Every other visible SSID (a -lot-... like 40+) showed "WPA2AES" or "WPA2/AES".

Anyway, disabling WPA2 sha256 fixed it, but post-update the 2.4 GHz connection was very slow; like ~1-1.5 Mb/s (vs ~95-98 on the 5 GHz radio). I had seen the reports of 2.4 GHz issues since Nov, but mine doesn't disconnect, it's just slow (including after reset and manual setup). Also tried several advanced settings changes, and finally gave up. Didn't have time to try e.g. reverting to 50927 per Milax (who also noted the "mt76 driver update from r50938".

# NAT/SFE/CTF: limited speed w/ DD # Repeater issues # DD-WRT info: FAQ, Builds, Types, Modes, Changes, Demo #
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