New Build - 01/26/2022 - r48208

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PostPosted: Wed Jan 26, 2022 7:59    Post subject: New Build - 01/26/2022 - r48208 Reply with quote
Welcome to Broadcom r48208 beta release thread for reporting, feedback to developers & community benefit.
Please do not flash builds until installation is understood, risks involved and device specific recovery methods.
Avoid discussions, create threads for questions, general problems or use search; this thread is not for support.
Please list router model & revision, operating & wireless mode(s) and exact filename/firmware image flashed.

Downloads: HTTPS, FTP

CLI Flash: 'cd /tmp' then 'wget {file URL}' (http only) or 'curl -O {file URL}' (http, https, ftp). 'write {file} linux' then 'reboot'.

Trac SVN: repository since last build r48141 (mirror)

OpenVPN 2.5.5: Changelog, Guides, Server, PBR, DNS, Kill Switch, Watchdog, Reverse PBR, Client, Multiple, tips & scripts.
WireGuard 1.0.20211208/Tools: Changelog, Guides, Client, Server, Advanced, PBR, KS, tips & scripts. Thanks to BS & egc!

Experimental for 8MB+ K2.x devices: broadcom_K3X_mipsel32r1. • MIPS @ kernel 4.4. • TP-Link Archer C8 v2, v3 support.
Privoxy, iperf3, CAKE, Asterisk, SmartDNS, curl, ProFTPD, BusyBox, OpenSSL, mac80211, FreeRADIUS, dnsmasq, Unbound, zfs, SoftEther, Squid, zstd, Tor
In-kernel Samba (ksmbd 3.4.4): guest behavior is now selectable. • WSD updateANTFS/NTFS3 kernel mode driver+++
CVE-2020-26147, CVE-2020-24586, CVE-2020-24587 & CVE-2020-24588 fragattack fixed. • Broadcom swconfig supported.
• 'Assign WAN port to Switch' gone, set Connection Type Disabled. • WebUI MAC Filtering (47184-47205). • Sputnik removed.
• 'Ignore WAN DNS' also ignores WAN domain. • Milkfish removed.
New DD-WRT inspired themes conversion by the-joker & BrainSlayer, micro builds excluded, see UI theme test info thread.
• 401 bad request: Ethernet WebUI -> Wireless -> Basic Settings -> Advanced Settings -> Wireless GUI Access Enable, Save
Add static or delete DHCP lease from clients table in Status -> LAN. Upgrades to forwarding delete, NAT / QoS tabs & more.
Recent features, enhancements, fixes: Dynamic WDS, Stations, Site Survey, Radioname, Switch Config, Tagging and DTAG.

Issues, observations, and/or workarounds reported:
WebUI: Clear history or use a portable. Temporary cache bypass: Ctrl+F5, Cmd+Shift+R or new private window/incognito.
DNScrypt 1.95 can still be used in WebUI but v2 (not compatible) requires Golang and thus Entware. See Trac ticket #6246.
WDS does not work on Broadcom ARM devices (only MIPS<->MIPS) & bridge modes on k4.4 devices may sometimes work
in some configurations for certain builds but are not supported by the bcmdhd driver. Try client or repeater modes, but YMMV.
VAPs not working at boot are fixed, both unbridged (r40634) and bridged (r47822). Please test, remove startup commands.
If startup scripts do not work from USB add delay (wait script), sleep 25 or try Administration -> Commands -> Save USB.
Broadcom ARM devices if 5 GHz channels are missing via Telnet/SSH: 'nvram set brcm_unlock=1' 'nvram commit' 'reboot'.
Please report findings with steps needed to reproduce, configuration, clients, output, logs and important information below!

Detail issues & relevant configs. Logs: 'dmesg' 'cat /tmp/var/log/messages' syslog klog, serial, strace, tcpdump, wireshark.
• Any firewall NAT or WAN issues, show output: 'iptables -vnL' 'iptables -t nat -vnL' 'iptables -t mangle -vnL' and /tmp/.ipt file.
• Gremlins: reset & configure manually, not restore a backup. Reboot. Search Trac & discuss in forum before opening tickets.
• Include operating & wireless modes (e.g. Gateway, Router, AP, CB, WDS, Mesh) and applicable configurations to reproduce.

Example Template:
[b]Router/Version: [/b]
[b]File/Kernel: [/b]
[b]Previous/Reset: [/b]
[b]Mode/Status: [/b]
[b]Issues/Errors: [/b]

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PostPosted: Wed Jan 26, 2022 9:52    Post subject: Reply with quote
Router/Version: D-Link DIR-868L Rev.A1
File/Kernel: dir868a-webflash.bin / Linux 4.4.299 #5068 SMP Wed Jan 26 04:29:13 +07 2022 armv7l
Previous/Reset: DD-WRT v3.0-r48141 std (01/21/22) / no
Mode/Status: Repeater Bridge on 5GHz AC/N-Mixed (wl0 is purposely turned off) + USB Storage + lighttpd (using Entware's php8) + DDNS (custom) + Cron / working
Issues/Errors: none

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PostPosted: Wed Jan 26, 2022 14:33    Post subject: Reply with quote
Router/Version: TP-Link Archer C9 v2
File/Kernel: archer-c9v2-webflash.bin/Linux 4.4.299 #5028 SMP Mon Jan 17 05:48:21 +07 2022 armv7l
Previous/Reset: r48141/no
Mode/Status: Gateway/2.4GHz & 5GHz AP/DHCP server/DNS Server/Port forwarding/ipv4 only
Issues/Errors: no errors, uptime ~1h.

Ty BS and the other Devs!

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PostPosted: Wed Jan 26, 2022 14:59    Post subject: Reply with quote
Router Model: Linksys EA6900 (XVortex CFE)

Firmware Version: DD-WRT v3.0-r48208M Community Build (01/26/22)
Kernel Version: Linux 4.4.299 #1 SMP Wed Jan 26 14:56:41 CET 2022 armv7l

Upgraded: DD-WRT v3.0-r48138M Community Build (01/17/22) via telnet (update via GUI not possible because nvram is placed on linux partition and not linux2 partition due to Xvortex CFE)

Reset: No, not this time

Configuration: AP, DHCP server, 2,4GHz wireless running, 5GHz running, VAP, some static leases and some port range forwarding.
WireGuard client with source and destination routing.
OpenVPN client with PBR.
NVRAM size 44K (NVRAM size should not be a problem with the Xvortex CFE)

Status: Up and stable for 4 hours,
Errors: none so far

Thanks BS!!

Routers:Netgear R7000, R6400v1, R6400v2, EA6900 (XvortexCFE), E2000, E1200v1, WRT54GS v1.
Install guide R6400v2, R6700v3,XR300:
Install guide R7800/XR500:
Forum Guide Lines (important read):

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PostPosted: Wed Jan 26, 2022 21:51    Post subject: Reply with quote
Netgear R6250
DD-WRT v3.0-r48208 std (01/26/22)
Linux 4.4.299 #5068 SMP Wed Jan 26 04:29:13 +07 2022 armv7l

Works very well 7h30m Without unbound.
upgrade by CUI without reset.
Thank BS team.

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PostPosted: Thu Jan 27, 2022 18:17    Post subject: Reply with quote
Firmware: v3.0-r48208 std (01/26/22)
Router/Version: Netgear R7000
Kernel: Linux 4.4.299 #5068 SMP Wed Jan 26 04:29:13 +07 2022 armv7l
Previous: v3.0-r48141 std (01/21/22)
Mode/Status: AP wired and wireless / Up and running for 28 hours
Reset: Soft boot before and after upgrade
Temperatures: CPU 56.4 °C / WL0 44.3 °C / WL1 49.6 °C
Issues/Errors: Nothing significant

Updated via webif. No 'nvram erase' this time, last one was in July 2018 (r36325).

Upload and Download speeds are to ISP spec (500/500 Mbps).

Current basic R7000 setup (subject to change of course):
- Static WAN IP
- Shortcut Forwarding Engine: CTF, Flow Acceleration: Disabled
- STP - Enabled
- IPv4 only, both WAN and LAN
- LAN DHCP Enabled
- Not currently forwarding any ports
- Wireless: AP, Regulatory Domain = CANADA, wl0 Mixed (ch. 6), wl1 AC/N-Mixed (ch. 36, VHT80), AES
- 1 wireless VLAN on wl0
- SNMP disabled, SSH enabled, Telnet disabled
- Firewall enabled, Log Level high
- Syslog: to local server. klogd: disabled.
- USB support - Off
- No custom scripts
- No: ttraf, Tor, VNC, Zabbix, VPN, Radius, OpenVPN
- No: UPnP, DMZ, QoS
- No: Samba, CIFS, JFFS2, miniDLNA, Entware, Optware

Netgear R7000: v3.0-r54248 std (11/29/23)
EdgeRouter-X: EdgeOS v2.0.9-hotfix 7

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PostPosted: Fri Jan 28, 2022 1:11    Post subject: Reply with quote
Netgear R6700 v3 – Client Bridge
Firmware Version: DD-WRT v3.0-r48208 std (01/26/22)
Kernel Version: Linux 4.4.299 #5068 SMP Wed Jan 26 04:29:13 +07 2022 armv7l
Temperatures: CPU 65.8 °C / WL1 53.1 °C
Current Time: Thu, 27 Jan 2022 17:10:59
Uptime: 23:27
Reset: No
GUI install over 48141
No issues

Thank you BS and thanks you gurus for your guides and wisdom

Netgear XR500 - Gateway
R6700 v3 - Station Bridge
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