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PostPosted: Mon Jan 10, 2022 20:20    Post subject: VLAN on WRT3200 Reply with quote
I am looking to set up 3 VLAN's on my Linksys WRT3200ACM with DD-WRT v3.0-r44715 std (11/03/20).

My goal:
VLAN1 assigned to 192.168.1.x (
VLAN2 assigned to 192.168.2.x (
VLAN3 assigned to 192.168.3.x (

All 3 VLAN's to connect to WAN but cannot see / talk between the VLAN's. This is so I can have trusted, guest and IoT devices separated to different VLAN's.

My setup of the WRT3200ACM is as an access point to the internet via my ISP's router. I have the ethernet plugged from the WRT3200ACM WAN port to LAN on my ISP's router, which is then connected to the internet via ADSL.

Current config of WRT3200ACM:
WAN Connection type: Disabled
Local IP:
Subnet mask:
Gateway: (the ISP router)
Local DNS: (the ISP router)
Assign WAN Port to Switch: Enabled
DHCP Type : DHCP server
DHCP Server: Enabled
Start IP Address : (Whilst I am working this setup out, I am connected to ISP router with DHCP enabled with IP range of - to avoid conflict but still allows me to be able to readily use the internet)
Use DNSMasq for DNS : enabled
DHCP-Authoritative : enabled
SPI Firewall: disabled & Filter Multicast enabled
Advanced routing > Operating mode: Router

I would like to know the ideal configuration in Setup > Switch confi.
The default is Port W on VLAN2 and Port 1-4 on VLAN 1 ('Assigned to bridge' all already set 'None'). I have attempted to put Port W on VLAN0 and one of the 1-4 ports to Port 2 and then creating bridge via Setup > Networking for each VLAN and a DHCP server to provide the IP based on VLAN, but every time I have to reset and restore from last known good configuration.

Now it looks like this router does not have the ability to do this kind of port based VPN (https://wiki.dd-wrt.com/wiki/index.php/VLAN_Support - 'Only Broadcom based devices support port-based VLAN's, no Atheros or Ralink devices' so vlan tagging would be best. Am I right in thinking this? If so, looking around I cannot find a good instruction on how to use that to set up VLAN tagging via Setup > Networking. Could anyone give any pointers?

Any help much appreciated!

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PostPosted: Mon Jan 10, 2022 20:58    Post subject: Reply with quote
Announcement: Marvell forum FAQ – README

Sticky: How to VLAN tag WAN traffic for ISP on WRT1900AC v1 - SOLVED

Sticky: VLAN success on WRT1900ACSv2, WRT3200ACM, et al.

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