DDWRT blocking microsoft services (0X800704cf) (and spotify)

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PostPosted: Fri Jul 10, 2020 6:57    Post subject: DDWRT blocking microsoft services (0X800704cf) (and spotify) Reply with quote
Hello all,

Long story short (might help):
On february 2020 I mooved to new apartment where is no UTP coverage between rooms. I'm not the owner, and the owner doesn't want to invest in it. So I have wifi. We are here togeather with another family. They have internet access, and I took my share in it. Again no cable. ISP: T-home.

My network topology:
I connect to the ISP router via 5ghz in AP mode, because I don't want my neighbours to see my smart devices and computers, nas. Their network is mine is with a subnet mask on both is I also use 2.4ghz wifi on the (local) network (but wifi is not involved further on).

In february 2020 all worked fine. Had a bandwith of 120MBPS to the net with 7-8ms of ping. I have an XBOX. I usually use it on the TV but in rare occasions I stream it via LAN to another PC in another room. Worked fine. I had a lot of work lately so I really hadn't got any time to play with the XBOX.

A couple days ago I wanted to stream again. And I discovered, that I cannot log onto with the app to MS. I have multiple PC-s. I checked on all (3) of them, had the same problem. (0X800704cf) It seamed to me that the MS services are blocked somehow. I tried a lots of different dark magic found on the net bot none of them worked so I gave up on them.

Fortunatly I'm a bit familliar in IT. So i took a bit more scientific apporach. I changed the WAN connection (which is 5ghz wifi to ISP router) to client mode and PRESTO, it worked. I would state a success but I previously mentioned, that I don't want everyone to see my devices. So client mode is out of the question. Also I tried port forwarding, DMZ, and even tinker with dnsmasq but it all resulted in faliure. (also spotify is failed to connect which I'm pretty sure it worked unteher the corona lockdown in 2020 april). Even disabled all servies (firewall, adplocking). The router settings haven't been changed since 2020 february. Also tired a complety default reset and set it up again, resulted the same faliure for MS services to connect.

All my other servers and services works fine (FTP, WEB, other), only MS sucks. Sad

So I hulmby ask anyone to help me in this matter. Smile

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PostPosted: Fri Jul 10, 2020 23:25    Post subject: Reply with quote
I am sure people are going to ask what version of DD-WRT you are on and what hardware.

My first question is have you done any upgrades to either ddwrt or the host machines?

The other thought is that it might not be dd-wrt but how the ISP router has been updated to accept certain connections and now the DD-WRT router conflicts.

With client mode the ISP router is seeing a single machine the router as a client and the nat is being performed that way.

I am not sure I understand your set up fully, but I actually think that client mode is more of what you want.. Have you read:


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PostPosted: Sat Jul 11, 2020 15:56    Post subject: Reply with quote
Wildlion is absolutely right. Client mode will keep your own devices private, and others will see only the one connection from your router. If you can use your ISP router's guest network, they won't even see that. Some ISP routers do actually allow you to get to their GUIs to enable guest networks, etc. Start by checking out the label on the bottom of their device if you can get to it physically.

You might want to change the name of your router on the Basic Setup page to something other than DD-WRT, because the host system, in your case the ISP router, can see the name you choose. I suspect the other ISP-router devices can as well, but I don't have an easy way to check that. That "radioname" in their router's network-status display is going to mark you as something unusual no matter what you choose, because ordinary phones and computers don't publish a radioname. On my client-mode travel router I finally used the CLI - you can't do it with the GUI - to set the name to a single space. (If you are not IT-aware enough to figure out how, don't try it.) But I don't need the name to be visible in my own network for other purposes. Might be different for you.

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