Netgear R6300v2 con firmware DD-WRT problema al cambiar ip

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PostPosted: Fri May 15, 2020 13:19    Post subject: Netgear R6300v2 con firmware DD-WRT problema al cambiar ip Reply with quote
Saludos a la comunidad,

Tengo un Netgear R6300v2 y lo quiero usar como extensión de WIFI sin cable. He instalado el firmware DD-WRT siguiendo las instrucciones marcadas en Wiki.
Pero al cambiar la ip local, salvar los cambios y aplicarlos. El router ya no responde, no puedo acceder a el a través de la nueva ip cambiada.
Si realizo cualquier otro cambio, salvo y aplico no hay problema ninguno. Pero intentar cambiar la ip local que viene por defecto ( ya no puedo acceder al router.
Por Telnet he realizado ping con la ip por defecto y si que se comunica. Realizar ping con la ip cambiada no responde.
He probado con el ultimo firmware disponible y con la ver. 26138

Agradecería ayuda para saber donde no estoy realizando bien los pasos o la posible solución al problema.

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PostPosted: Fri May 15, 2020 14:30    Post subject: Reply with quote
Por favor considere actualizar:

Vinculación de enrutadores Wiki

Por favor tenga en cuenta la siguiente información:

r41664 or later for SFE NAT (k3.2+), KRACK (k24+), PBR+SFE, CAKE & FQ_CODEL_FAST (reset!), GTK Rekey timer fixes.
• Reset button was broken in 40571; fixed in build 40750.
Experimental build option for Broadcom 8MB+ K2.x devices (limited currently): broadcom_K3X_mipsel32r1
• CVE-2019-14899 VPN fix (applicability depends on VPN setup) and GUI toggle: 6920, 6928, 6931, 6932 (WIP: 7040)
In-kernel Samba has been implemented this year and default min/max versions have changed 6954, 6957, with WSD support.
WireGuard 1.0 & tools! New GUI Tunnel options since r42872; now with key management! Setup guides: Client & Server by egc
Broadcom MIPS devices are now on the 4.4 kernel (N66U/AC66U half memory should now be fixed)
Local DNS option removed from Services->DNSMasq in changesets 43080 and 43081; ref: #7092
DHCP and DNS help (English) updated in 43083; ref: #7091

Issues, observations, and/or workarounds reported:
DNScrypt 1.95 can still be used in the GUI but v2 (not compatible) requires Golang and thus Entware: 6246
WDS does not work on Broadcom ARM devices (only MIPS<->MIPS) and bridge modes on k4.4 devices may sometimes work in
some configurations in certain builds but are not supported by the bcmdhd driver. Use client or repeater instead.
VAPs not working at boot fixed for unbridged VAPs with r40564:40566. Workaround startup command:
sleep 10;stopservice nas;stopservice wlconf;startservice wlconf;startservice nas (there are a few alternatives: search)
If start-up scripts do not work from USB add a delay e.g.: wait script or `sleep 25`

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