Linksys WRT32x wireless throughput degradation in DD_WRT

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PostPosted: Wed Jun 03, 2020 13:59    Post subject: Linksys WRT32x wireless throughput degradation in DD_WRT Reply with quote
Hi there,

I have just purchased a WRT 32X Linksys router and am very happy with the wifi performance from the stock firmware. I needed to change to DD-WRT for more flexibility with VPN and creating a VLAN on wireless that is not encrypted plus a few other things however the first step has shown me that the wifi performance of the DD-WRT is inferior to the stock and I'd like to know why. It affects my Arlo Q cameras

I assumed that the wifi connectivity would be similar and the parameters etc between stock and DD-WRT would be the same. Has anybody encountered the issue. There is a post on OPENWRT here

Would really like some thoughts on why or if there is something I am missing with the parameters in stock versus DD-WRT


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PostPosted: Wed Jun 03, 2020 15:13    Post subject: Reply with quote
The WRT32X and WRT3200ACM have a history of wifi difficulties in dd-wrt. Watch the new-build threads in the Marvell forum carefully for more details, especially when choosing a build. Do NOT use the router database. It is unreliable and has lately been directing a lot of WRTblah people to 40559, which is actually a troublesome build. WRTblah owners should never just go for the latest build because it is the latest, as it can be months between trouble-free builds (and which build is trouble-free depends very much on your configuration, what features you use).

I'm doing well myself now with 42926 (listed as 42925 pn the download sites), but my WRT1900ACSv2 routers don't always do well on the same builds as your router does.

I believe the Marvell/WRT wifi drivers from Linksys were updated in January, so things may be very different before and after that point.

IMPORTANT: Start the config process with the advice in the "Cliff Notes" sticky post at the top of the Marvell forum. It contains a link to a wiki page on setting up wifi parameters for routers with Atheros radios, which your router has. Most people find that using NG-Mixed mode on 2.4 GHz and AC/N-Mixed mode on 5GHz is the way to go, and that selecting a channel expliclity matters. (Some report severe slowdowns on "Auto", but this may be better in newer builds. YMMV.) If you are in a low-interference environment with plenty of wifi signal strength (high SNR), 40 MHz bandwidth on 2.4 GHz and 80 MHz bandwidth on 5 GHz is probably the way to go for speed. In low-SNR environments or with interference, narrower bandwidths may actually do better.

Performance can be very different depending on configuration details. Be aware though that many users with fast ISP connections report that the ultimate speed they can get through the router with dd-wrt in speed tests is somewhat lower than with the Linksys firmware. We all use dd-wrt for features, not speed. My own ISP connection is only 200 Mbps down, which dd-wrt can very easily use to the full extent, even though my routers are older and slower than yours.

If maxing out router throughput is your goal (once you have wifi going fast) and you have a fast ISP connection, the Shortcut Forwarding Engine on the Basic Setup page may buy you a bit of speed increase. It provides a streamlined firewall experience for most packets. I believe SFE will shut off automatically if you use QoS, as they are not compatible in current dd-wrt builds.

Good luck... I'll leave further advising to those who know more than I do on these matters, as there are lots of those around!

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PostPosted: Wed Jun 03, 2020 16:02    Post subject: Reply with quote
I have a 3200ACM and a 1900ACSv1 running 43306. There is some good advice above. Also, can you provide some details about your config?

I think it's important to separate a performance problem from a connectivity problem. I say this because you should be able to get great performance out of these things, but IOT and google devices can sometimes have connectivity issues with DD-WRT on these Linksys (Marvell) devices. Performance can usually be fixed with proper configuration. IOT/google connectivity problems are more of a black art unfortunately.
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