Linksys EA6900 - probably bricked

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PostPosted: Thu Jun 04, 2020 18:56    Post subject: Linksys EA6900 - probably bricked Reply with quote
I received this Linksys EA6900 that had only one issue: WAN port not working. It was running stock FW.
I don't have the whole history of the device, so I cannot be sure about what happened there, but I am guessing lightning strike.

It is worth mentioning that it was using a 12V/1.0A power adapter instead of the original one: 12V/3.5A. I did not notice this rightaway, since the power adapter given to me fitted and everything else was working.

Well, I thought, why not flash it with dd-wrt and change WAN port to any LAN port? So I jumped into it, following the Linksys EA6900 Install Guide - without changing CFE to XVortex first.
- flashed recommended initial BS build - OK
- tried to flash recommented Kong build - Not OK

I was able to recover it to initial BS build using TFTP, but I wanted to use a more recent FW, so I kept on trying new things. At one point I decided to proceed with changing the CFE (XVortex). And it worked. I even flashed the AdvancedTomato (to test it, since it was the first router I had that supported it).

I left the router working on AdvancedTomato and I went to sleep. On the morning, router was frozen, not even responding to pings. Tried to reboot, reset, erase NVRAM (with WPS button), many times, no success.

I left it off for a couple of hours. I tried to turn it on again and it booted. Yay! But LAN was not working anymore, just wireless. Weird. Well, maybe was something related to AdvancedTomato, so I flashed initial dd-wrt again. But after flash, routed froze again (same behavior as before).

Again, left it off for a while. Turned it on with a serial cable plugged in and it went through. I was able to see the boot, but again, no LAN nor WAN ports working. Wireless was working. I was even able to flash it using wireless and mtd.

Tried to reflash modified cfe with some different configurations for macaddress (+2,+4), (+2,+3), but LAN did not work in any of them. Tried some different builds, but in none of them LAN worked.

Well, at least I had wireless, so I could use it as a repeater. But after a day, it froze again. And this time, for good. Now, when I try to turn it on, LAN lights blink once, linksys logo lights on solid and that is it. Nothing appears on serial, no response for reset, reboot, erase NVRAM, nothing.

I even tried to get a proper power adapter (12V/3.5A), but it did not work. Same behavior.

Maybe was all the flashing using the wrong power adapter, before I realize it was the wrong one. Maybe something was already damaged and keeping the device on just made things worse, burning everything.

Well, that's it. Anyone has any thoughts on what I could try? What went wrong?

Thank you in advance!
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