How diagnose EA6500 speed reduction?

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PostPosted: Sun Apr 26, 2020 22:03    Post subject: How diagnose EA6500 speed reduction? Reply with quote
TL;DR: Connecting a Linux Mint laptop to an EA6500 (running dd-wrt 42681) which is taking an Internet link via a Ubiquiti NanoStation Loco M900 yields download speeds (via of about 15-20Mbps. Hooking the NanoStation directly to the Ethernet port on the laptop yields speeds above 70Mbps. What do I enable in dd-wrt or what logs do I look at to determine if I have router settings that are reducing the speed? Or is that what I should expect for a difference in performance?

Detail: My question is really "what do I look for and/or where do I look" in dd-wrt for answers, though I'd be happy if someone knows off-hand what the answer is. The above summary pretty much says it all. I've been having issues with video conferencing quality and thought I had made a big improvement by physically moving the NanoStations. That got me to the 15-20Mbps download speeds. And not having a conference call to get on I figured I'd just see how that worked out. Then on a lark I decided to plug the Nanostation directly in the the laptop. And that's where the surprise came in. All the equipment is within about 4 feet of each other and I expected a little bit of a pick in speed. But not a factor of 4. Which made me think I had some settings in dd-wrt wrong.

I used as a guide the tutorial for setting up a second router as an access point, figuring that the Nanostation feeding the Internet/WAN port on the EA6500 was equivalent to a cable connection (at least as far as the EA6500 was concerned). And that in fact worked. Things were slow and there seemed to be dropouts, but I figured that was the price to pay for trying to access things through two buildings and a TPLINK powerline connection (that's between the Nanostation and the ISP's modem).

So I'd like to try to set up the second router so that, ideally, I could use one of it's LAN ports to hook the laptop to and get this higher speed while still allowing for another device (e.g. cellphone) to have a wireless internet connection. But I don't know what logs to look for, or what to enable, as I'm a rookie when it comes to creative diagnosis of this sort of thing.

Can anyone point me to a resource or give me some ideas?


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have a look at:

Maybe that is what you are looking for?

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