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PostPosted: Fri Apr 17, 2020 2:42    Post subject: WRT3200 & Ath2 radio Reply with quote
Yeah, yeah, I know, even I have constantly repeated. Don't use Ath2.

Well just for laughs I did activate Ath2 on my Master 3200 and disabled Ath1. Since I had a few devices that were fairly local to the 3200 I decided to try it out. I was primarily concerned for my Sonoff devices which I knew would connect without problem, but Other devices (Android Phone, Android Tab4) also connected without any problems and have not faltered 24+ hours. I moved all local cameras to one of my 1900's and it also has not faltered whatsoever since the change.

The only down side so far is the Status -> Wireless gui which doesn't show uptime and erroneous TX/Rx rates along with saying all devices are connected LEGACY. However when I check my Phone & Pad they both indicate 72M connection.

Feeling brave I decided on an experiment. I activated Ath1 on a different channel from Ath2, N Only and allowed my Cameras to connect after turning off the 1900. The Cams immediately connected and appear to be functioning as they should. Time will tell, but this blows holes in most of my previous posts about 3200's and the 2.4Ghz radio. If this setup remains stable overnight, I might try to switch my phone and Tab4 over to Ath1 to see results.

Switched the Androids over to Ath1. The only quirk was I had to set the mode to Mixed. Unable to connect with N or N/G Mixed.

WRT3200acm Master WDS 5GHz 80Mhz CH 36 (+6) r44048
Ath1 2.4Ghz Disabled
99 Static Leases

WRT3200acm r44048 WDS Station 5Ghz
Ath1 AP N/G Mixed Channel 11 HT40

WRT1900Ac V1 5Ghz r44048 WDS Station
(Defective, no 2.4Ghz but 5Ghz works great)

WRT1900AC V1 5Ghz AC 80Mhz WDS Station r31924
2.4Ghz AP Ch1 HT20 Mixed

(SPARE)WRT1900AC V1 r31924 On LAN
5Ghz WDS AP Ch149(+6) 80Mghz
2.4Ghz Ch 6 20Mhz N/G Mixed

WRT1200AC V1 r44048 LAN
2.4Ghz 20Mhz Ch 6 Mixed
5 Ghz 80Mhz Ch 149 (UUU+6) WDS AP

WRT54G DD-WRT v3.0-r37305 micro AP CH 6 Mixed - Not in use

3200 Master -> LAN -> 1200 V1 -> WDS 5Ghz -> 1900 V1 & 1900V1
3200 Master -> WDS -> 3200 Slave
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PostPosted: Sun Apr 19, 2020 9:24    Post subject: Reply with quote
I'm also connected to the ATH2, because ATH1 gives problems:

I run some tests and I notice when I disable ATH1 (Wireless 2.4Ghz) I receive no more errors. All my clients are then off course connected to the ATH0 or ATH2 (Wireless 5Ghz/Wireless 2.4 & 5Ghz).

So it has to do something with ATH1, the wireless 2.4Ghz band.
I did try to change this band to Mixed/NG-Mixed/N-Only but did receive the same errors.

I think ATH2 is the working version of the 2 bands, not ATH1.
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