Linksys WRT3200ACM not getting WAN IP address

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PostPosted: Thu Dec 19, 2019 16:49    Post subject: Linksys WRT3200ACM not getting WAN IP address Reply with quote
Hey Everyone,

I have the Linksys WRT3200ACM and installed the DD-WRT firmware. The WAN port is not getting an IP address from the modem/router.

Before installing the DD-WRT firmware it was working fine. I have the cable plugged into the WAN port, after installing the DD-WRT firmware it is not getting a WAN IP address. The setup is set to 'Automatic configuration - DHCP'

I reverted back to the Linksys firmware and then everything is ok. Then installed the DD-WRT again and no WAN IP address.

I've read on this forum that a few others have this problem.

Any suggestions??


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PostPosted: Fri Dec 20, 2019 1:17    Post subject: Reply with quote
Once DD-WRT is installed you should still have stock Linksys firmware on the alternate partition. This way you can simply boot into the other without a need to flash again. Maybe you already know this, but I should mention it for anyone reading this in order to avoid unnecessary NAND flash wear.

Each time you attempt a flash it will write to the opposite inactive partition. The one you decide to flash from is the one you will keep intact. For example, if you upgrade via DD-WRT's web GUI you will overwrite the remaining stock Linksys firmware.

To change partitions from DD-WRT command line interface (Telnet/SSH) use the following commands.

ubootenv get boot_part

The above command will return 1 or 2, then you set the opposite value in the command below.

ubootenv set boot_part 1


ubootenv set boot_part 2



To change partitions from Linksys web interface locate Troubleshooting, Diagnostics tab then click the "Restore previous firmware" button. An attempt will then be made to switch partitions and reboot.

If the router is really locked up, and you still have one working partition, you can use the triple power on method to force the alternate partition to boot.

Power ON and when you see LAN LED blinking immediately turn it OFF, wait, repeat, then power it on a third time and let it run. Timing is critical, so be patient.

Another visual cue is after the power LED starts blinking then turns off for about 2 seconds, switch power OFF.

Which build did you initially install and which build are you running now?

If by chance you referenced the router database and installed r40559, you will need to upgrade to the current build or a known stable from user feedback.

Keep in mind factory-to-ddwrt.bin is intended for firmware installation using stock Linksys web interface (factory environment).

The webflash.bin is for upgrading from an existing install of DD-WRT via its own web GUI or command line interface (Telnet/SSH).

Known stable are r38159, r39144, r40009, r41813 and current is r42287. FTP / HTTP are for command line flash (not HTTPS).

Build threads are r38159, r39144, r40009, r41813 and current is r42287. All new build threads provide valuable information!

Having problems flashing or strange web interface behavior? Using Chrome, Edge or even the latest Firefox?

Another factor most people overlook is browser, version and configuration. I recommend having a portable browser available, or at least a separate browser install, to use for flashing. Waterfox Classic, Pale Moon, Portable Legacy 45 or 52 are all consistent and reliable with DD-WRT. This will provide an isolated environment free from your daily browsing configuration, add-ons and history.

In options please disable anything that could potentially interfere: when starting show a blank page, disable search suggestions, never remember history (or use clear all history, or use private browsing mode), do not remember logins for sites (autofill, usernames, passwords), do not check spelling, never check for updates.

Always perform the initial flash from stock (or any web flash) over an Ethernet cable connected to a LAN port on the router. Disable any wireless adapters on your computer to make sure the flash goes through the cable. Disconnect from the internet (unplug WAN cable from your router) and then disable any anti-virus, anti-malware, security and firewalls you may have. Reboot and make sure it's still all off.

In the future you will not have to worry about any of this if you choose to upgrade via DD-WRT's command line interface (SSH).

It's good to return the router to factory configuration or at very least a recent reboot before an attempt.

With any flash upgrade be patient! When a flash write begins wait at least five minutes before thinking about trying anything.

After verifying a successful flash, up and running in a new build environment, I recommend clearing configuration nvram space via command line. Usually it's not necessary, but good to start over for major upgrades or troubleshooting.

nvram erase && reboot

If you have verified internet access on stock Linksys firmware, check to see if your MAC addresses have changed.

While still connected to the internet, please log into the Linksys web interface to check Troubleshooting, Status tab, click Report and compare Internet MAC address with LAN MAC address. Are they different or the same? Copy them into a text file for reference.

Then reboot into the DD-WRT partition, check the web GUI Status -> Sys-Info page to compare WAN and LAN MAC addresses. Has anything changed? If so, you may need to clone your WAN MAC address back to stock.

You may want to view your modem equipment's status info page to see the MAC address it has learned from a directly connected device (your router). You can contact your ISP about it. It's common for cable modems to have a web interface.

When making changes to DD-WRT settings please use the Save button! Allow the page to refresh, go slowly and one at a time. Please do not rely on the Apply button and expect results. You may need to rely on Reboot instead.

Be aware of the DHCP Release and DHCP Renew buttons on Status -> WAN page. You may need to release, wait, and then physically disconnect Ethernet cable from WAN before saving changes such as a MAC address clone. Power cycle your modem and reboot your router allowing at least five minutes before reconnecting Ethernet to WAN. You also may need to leave your modem unplugged from power and disconnected for a period of time.

If you only have an Ethernet run connecting to a jack on a wall terminal you will likely need to contact your building's network administrator or ISP for assistance!
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