Netgear R7800 dd wrt firmware install and ARP Tablet reset

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PostPosted: Wed Oct 23, 2019 20:44    Post subject: Netgear R7800 dd wrt firmware install and ARP Tablet reset Reply with quote
Hi all Smile,

Ik am new here and was wondering if somebody can give me some advise.

I am having some troubles with my router a Netgear R7800 that still has the original firmware. Untill not so long a go I had the option to awake my desktop from distance by sending a magic packet trough the WAN. However for some reason once the desktop will go to sleep I won't be able anymore to awake it by WAN but only trough lan. After a lot of searching and asking on forums it seems that I need to enter a static ARP in the router.

Unfortunately Netgear doesn't make it really easy for me as till today it wasn't very successful to do this. As the garantee already passed Netgear won't provide any help without paying for that so as alternative I looked up a solution. So here I am informing and checking what I can do best and in this particular case a lot of people are convincing me to install a custom firmware.

However before I do nothing I do have some questions and hope someone is so kind enough to help/advise me as I am not that experienced with routers and this will be my first install.

So I would like to know if:

- once I install the custom firmware will the ARP table be reset/deleted or even replaced ?

- can I enter a static ARP using this firmware ?

- and suppose for what reason can i downgrade it from the custom firmware to its original firmware ?

I hope you can help me with this challenge

Thanks in advanced Very Happy

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PostPosted: Thu Oct 24, 2019 7:21    Post subject: Reply with quote
Your router is covered in the Atheros forum.

Software (like Netgear and DDWRT) is Linux based and all Networking related things like ARP handling can be done from the Command Line (and yes the Netgear Firmware also has a Command Line but it is hidden but can be uncovered) and of course DDWRT has a Command Line which is freely accessible

The R7800 is a very good router, beloved by the DDWRT community and well supported.

A few rules.

1. When posting always state router model and build number (of course not applicable to you yet)
2. To see if your device is supported see the supported devices wiki:, often there is an install guide linked there.
3. Do not use the router database, builds can be found at:
4. Post in the right forum to get the maximum help

The install guide for the R7800 is linked in my signature at the bottom of this post

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