Help configuring WAN on tp-link archer C7 v2

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PostPosted: Tue Aug 13, 2019 23:21    Post subject: Help configuring WAN on tp-link archer C7 v2 Reply with quote

Apologies in advance if it's an obvious question.

I've been using my ISP provided router for a while (NuCom NC-WR764TGV), and I haven't been happy with it. I've had to make a lot of work just to get administrator access to the router, and even then it's lacking a lot of basic options for me.

I've been wanting to replace it with a better router for a while, so today I purchased a TP-Link archer C7 (v2) and flashed and updated dd-wrt on it.

I've been trying for a while to get a WAN connection to no avail, so I was hoping that someone could help me with it.

My ISP is Yoigo (Spain), and all the relevant help I was able to find was this page on their website about configuring third party routers ( which, roughly translated to english, says the following:

You need to take into account that if you use an ADSL router that's not the one provided by ours, the voice service won't work and we can't warrant the data service works properly. Moreover, only our router can give you technical support for any incidence. If even with this you prefer to use your own router, here you have the configuration parameters:

Username: h208n@masmovil
Password: 123456
Internet connection: maintain connection
VLAN Configuration: Use VLAN for internet access
VLAN Identifier: 20
DSL ATM Configuration: Determine manually
VPI: 32
VCI: 8
Encapsulation: PPPoE

(Note that it says ADSL in there, however I have optic fiber set up. Right now I'm plugging the ONT output to the router WAN port, if that helps)

I've tried a few things, like changing the WAN setting from DHCP to PPPoE using that username and password, or setting the WAN port as tagged under the VLAN settings

Any attempt to get help from my ISP has resulted in a "sorry, we can't support third party routers". I hope that someone else can help me translate those parameters into dd-wrt.

Have a nice day.

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Had a few seconds and a spoon handy.
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