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PostPosted: Sun Jul 21, 2019 16:02    Post subject: iptables config question Reply with quote
I have dd-wrt in the newest version on my Netgear WNR3500L v2. I see that event in my log:
Jul 21 13:58:46 Myrouter kern.info kernel: nf_conntrack: automatic helper assignment is deprecated and it will be removed soon. Use the iptables CT target to attach helpers instead.

I think it's something problem with iptables configuration. I have this values in iptables own configuration:
iptables -A INPUT -s -j REJECT
iptables -A OUTPUT -s -j REJECT
iptables -A INPUT --proto icmp -j DROP
iptables -A OUTPUT --proto icmp -j DROP
iptables -t mangle -I POSTROUTING -o `get_wanface` -j TTL --ttl-set 129
iptables -A INPUT --proto igmp -j DROP
iptables -A OUTPUT --proto igmp -j DROP

Probably somewhere here is any mismatch. Could you hint me how Can I build optimal firewall rules for this behaviour. I need block icmp and igmp protocol, and this IP that sent me UDP packets.

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PostPosted: Sun Jul 21, 2019 17:04    Post subject: Reply with quote
It is only a warning you can disregard it

To block ping, head over to the Security tab in the GUI and block anonymous WAN reguest (ping) actually I think it should be on by default.

You can check with iptables -vnL

Use Steve Gibson's GRC to test

Your firewall rules are, to put it politely, a bit unusual Smile

Furthermore these questions are better answered in the Advanced Networking forum (very smart people over there Wink )

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PostPosted: Sun Jul 21, 2019 17:32    Post subject: Reply with quote
Enabling blocking anon WAN requests (ping) disables ping across the board, which is a broken feature IMHO. I have that disabled at the moment on 40352 public build, but it's not difficult to apply the proper rule(s) to block ping of death.
Per Yngve Berg

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PostPosted: Sun Jul 21, 2019 18:52    Post subject: Reply with quote
iptables -A OUTPUT -s -j REJECT

You probably want a destination here (-d), not source.
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