Dir-882 A1 Pre-install questions

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PostPosted: Sun Oct 06, 2019 15:56    Post subject: Dir-882 A1 Pre-install questions Reply with quote
I'm trying to be an informed installer. First, I've had this unit for several years and have all but been ready to throw it in the trash because of buggy D-Link firmware. Every stinking time they push out something new to fix their last bug they break something else. The latest broke the firewall which is just unacceptable. The only thing that has kept me trashing it (besides the cost) was that this replaced a Linksys (Cisco) and their home router firmware interface was worse. Plus it is super fast. I'm on an extremely fixed budget else I'd upgrade to a business model but it's just not an option. Even then, I hear YMMV.

So, what I need to know...

1) Does this have a working customizable firewall where I can block specific ports and/or a range of ports?

2) Does this have QoS or at least the ability to throttle my ISP? I have terrible bufferbloat and need to control that somehow.

3) How customizable is the WiFi? Can I set up specific channels? I live in a residential area where everyone is on WiFi and the interference is terrible. I've played around and found some less busy channels and would hate to lose that.

4) Is there a Guest WiFi network? I actually have to use it for a stupid security camera that won't allow for special characters in the password field and I refuse to sacrifice my regular WiFi security for it.

Other than that, I just need to know that it works and it's a bit more stable and less breachable than the DIR-882 v1.20 because it SUUUUUCKS.

Oh, and I am currently circumventing a cyberstalker (ex) who is an IT person who installed all sorts of backdoors before he left. So this is mission critical.
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PostPosted: Mon Oct 07, 2019 6:12    Post subject: Reply with quote
DD-WRT does do and is capable of doing everything your asking of it, how ever it is a little complex to get most of the advanced features running. I don't know how much you know about networking but it's not what I would call "novice" friendly.

If your simply trying to plug back-doors simply factory flash/reset the router then wipe your PC and reinstall windows. That will take care of them unless your ex has some physical device in place.

If you do want to put on DD-WRT I used build v39396 and followed this guide

How to install DD-WRT on D-Link DIR-882
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