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PostPosted: Tue Jun 25, 2019 22:19    Post subject: DDWRT WDS issues Reply with quote
Hello guys!

I'm opening this thread because I need some help with my home WDS setup.

I've DDWRT on my main router which is a TPLINK TL-WDR3500, this is connected to my ISP HFC Cable Modem. If I connect directly to my DDWRT Router via LAN or WLAN I receive the 60mbps that I have with my ISP.

And now the fun begins... I also have a second TPLINK ARCHER C50 with it stock firmware (I bought it mistakely and now is too late). This router is located between my house second and third floor and the DDWRT is located in the first floor.

I don't want to connect the second route through cable so I setup a WDS connection, bridged the Archer C50 to my DDWRT using the 5GHz band and my clients connects to the 2.4GHZ band.

Both 2.4GHz shares the same SSID using 40 MHZ channel, the DDWRT uses channel 6 and the Archer C50 uses Channel 1, I've the WDS setup on my DDWRT and also increase the signal requirements for connection and authentication on the DDWRT to have most clients as possible connected to the Archer C50. Also have the Spanning Tree Protocol active in the DDWRT.

Now my issue seems to be like for some reason packages are being duplicated and lost in the network. usually the network works really well and I have almost 40mbps even in my third floor with a lot of walls in the middle but doing a constant ping to my Archer C50, DDWRT and I'm seeing duplicates (DUP!) responses.

Also sometime I'm just working and somebody else starts seeing youtube and the network performance starts degrading until its unsuable, pings to archer and DDWRT raises up to 6000ms and it suddenly stops and starts working fine again.

I'm not sure what else should I've been looking for, these are the screenshots of my setup:
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