net/ipv6/ip6_gre.c Cross-compilation Error

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PostPosted: Thu Jun 06, 2019 17:13    Post subject: net/ipv6/ip6_gre.c Cross-compilation Error Reply with quote
Following the IPv6 tutorial, these guides on compiling kernel modules for dd-wrt:

I tried compiling IPv6 modules for my ASUS RT-AC66U_B1 running r37305. I am getting these compilation errors, like

  CC [M]  net/ipv6/ip6_gre.o
net/ipv6/ip6_gre.c: In function 'ip6gre_err':
net/ipv6/ip6_gre.c:454:12: error: invalid storage class for function 'ip6gre_rcv'
 static int ip6gre_rcv(struct sk_buff *skb)

Any advice?

More details:

  • Clone dd-wrt from Github
  • Check out r37305 (6ec59fa58c4cf0b4a62536d4bf67a110dde663cf in git)
  • Make a few changes per the guides:

    tag@debian ~/d/s/l/u/linux-4.4 ❯❯❯ git --no-pager diff HEAD^^
    diff --git a/src/linux/universal/linux-4.4/brcm/mipsel/et/sys/et_linux.c b/src/linux/universal/linux-4.4/brcm/mipsel/et/sys/et_linux.c
    index 7b099757ce1..067263e5cbd 100644
    --- a/src/linux/universal/linux-4.4/brcm/mipsel/et/sys/et_linux.c
    +++ b/src/linux/universal/linux-4.4/brcm/mipsel/et/sys/et_linux.c
    @@ -46,6 +46,7 @@
     #include <linux/ip.h>
     #include <linux/if_vlan.h>
     #include <net/tcp.h>
    +#include <net/ip6_checksum.h>
     //#include <asm/system.h>
     #include <asm/io.h>
    diff --git a/src/linux/universal/linux-4.4/brcm/mipsel/wl/config/ b/src/linux/universal/linux-4.4/brcm/mipsel/wl/config/
    old mode 100644
    new mode 100755
    diff --git a/src/linux/universal/linux-4.4/drivers/net/wireless/Kconfig b/src/linux/universal/linux-4.4/drivers/net/wireless/Kconfig
    index 05547b1913f..5bbf9acea6b 100644
    --- a/src/linux/universal/linux-4.4/drivers/net/wireless/Kconfig
    +++ b/src/linux/universal/linux-4.4/drivers/net/wireless/Kconfig
    @@ -284,16 +284,16 @@ source "drivers/net/wireless/ti/Kconfig"
     source "drivers/net/wireless/zd1211rw/Kconfig"
     source "drivers/net/wireless/mwifiex/Kconfig"
     source "drivers/net/wireless/cw1200/Kconfig"
    -source "drivers/net/wireless/rt3352/rt2860v2_ap/Kconfig"
    -source "drivers/net/wireless/rt3352/rt2860v2_sta/Kconfig"
    -if SOC_MT7620_OPENWRT
    -source "drivers/net/wireless/rt7620/rt2860v2_ap/Kconfig"
    -source "drivers/net/wireless/rt7620/rt2860v2_sta/Kconfig"
    -source "drivers/net/wireless/rt5592/Kconfig"
    -source "drivers/net/wireless/rt7612/rlt_wifi/Kconfig"
    +#source "drivers/net/wireless/rt3352/rt2860v2_ap/Kconfig"
    +#source "drivers/net/wireless/rt3352/rt2860v2_sta/Kconfig"
    +#if SOC_MT7620_OPENWRT
    +#source "drivers/net/wireless/rt7620/rt2860v2_ap/Kconfig"
    +#source "drivers/net/wireless/rt7620/rt2860v2_sta/Kconfig"
    +#source "drivers/net/wireless/rt5592/Kconfig"
    +#source "drivers/net/wireless/rt7612/rlt_wifi/Kconfig"
     source "drivers/net/wireless/rsi/Kconfig"
     endif # WLAN

  • Use the cross compiler toolchain-mipsel_gcc4.1.2 from
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