New Build 38937: BS 02-23-2019-r38937

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PostPosted: Fri Mar 01, 2019 21:09    Post subject: Re: Buffalo WZR-600DHP2 freezes after a while Reply with quote
flood404 wrote:
mlt wrote:
Router/Version: Buffalo WZR-600DHP2
Status: Freezes over time. Happened 4 times over 24 hrs. Inability to use either wired or wireless network. All LED lights are lit as normal. No blinking though.

Im going to bet the non locking up or freezing version will be r38581 It started to happen in newer releases after this one.

It happened with the very first one this year as well (38159). It seems like OOM killer goes haywire as occasionally I was able to reconnect and get to ssh. I don't run anything custom on it. Will keep monitoring and bisecting revisions. I'm running circa September 2018 for now.

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PostPosted: Sat Mar 02, 2019 20:30    Post subject: Re: Netgear WNR2000v2 Reply with quote
smask wrote:
flood404 wrote:
I have two of those routers. They have excellent radio's in them. The only downside its a 10/100mbps router. I can almost access my wifi at the end of the street here with those. I am surprised the r38937 loaded. I may dig mine out and flash it to see if takes it. Does the WebGUI work? I know I had issues with a linksys 320N using the k2.6 build for it.

Web GUI works, but I haven't done any testing on it. The 2000v2 lives in my spares collection. I loaded the latest firmware to see if it still worked (r38535) Don't load -nv64k.bin firmwares because those bricks the router even if they only are 1k bytes bigger.

Loaded the plain mini r38535 by a lucky mistake. (RouterDb recommends -nv64k builds, and listed big and mega builds?)
Bricked it by loading mini r38570-nv64k. (RouterDb told me to use -nv64k)
Serial recovery to r15962 (tried the 2000v2 r38570.chk and r38535.chk but those bricked it again. Tralied builds are -nv64k)
Loaded the plain mini r38840 and then the plain mini r38937.

You might have to factory reset the settings going from a -nv64k build to a plain one. I haven't tested if -nv60k builds work.

Do not flash the build r39031 it bricked the 2000v2 router. This is the latest one that works for the 2000v2
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