Подскажите прошивку на DL-804HV

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PostPosted: Fri Dec 14, 2018 16:10    Post subject: Подскажите прошивку на DL-804HV Reply with quote
Подскажите прошивку на DL-804HV. Сам найти не могу.
Есть фотки внутренностей, если нужно могу выложить.
H/W V Ver.: C4, F/W Ver.: 1.53RU

Вскрыл его и пробил микросхемы в гугле, вот что он выдал

по памяти:

1) M12L64164A-7T (Микросхема памяти CMOS SDRAM 64Мб (1Mx16BitX4Banks), 3.3В
2) EN29LV800CB-70TIP - (8 Megabit (1024k x 8-bit / 512K x 16-bit) Flash Memory Boot Sector Flash Memory, CMOS 3.0 Volt-only)

по процу:
• 16/32-bit ARM940T RISC Embedded
• 4K-byte I-Cache and 4K-byte D-Cache
• Memory Controller with 24-bit External Address
— 2 Banks of SDRAM for 16/32-bit Bus
— 8 Banks of Flash/ROM/SRAM/External
I/O for 8/16/32-bit Bus
— One External Bus Master with Bus
Request/Acknowledge Pins
• Two 10/100 Mbps Ethernet Controllers
• PCI Host/Agent Controller or CardBus (PCMCIA)
Host/Agent Controller
— PCI Host mode: 5 (or more) PCI Slots
Interface for PCI Cards
— PC Card Host mode: 1 PC Card Socket
Interface for 16-bit PC Card or CardBus
PC Card
• 2 Port Full/Low Speed USB HOST with Root
• 1 Port Full Speed USB Function with Transceiver
Spec. 1.1
• Six General-Purpose DMAs
• Two High-Speed UARTs
• One Console UART
• DES and 3DES for IP Security
• IIC Serial Interface
• Interrupt Controller
• Six 32-bit Programmable Timers
• 30-bit Watchdog Timer
• 64 Programmable I/O Ports
— 8 General-Purpose I/O
— 6 External Interrupt Request
— 6 Timer Output
— 4 External DMA Request
— 4 External DMA Acknowledge
— 21 SAR Signals
— 15 UART Signals
• Four PLLs for each ARM940T (166MHz),
System (133MHz), PCI & PC Card Controller
Clock (33/66MHz), USB Host/Device Clock
(48MHz), and Ethernet PHY (20/25MHz).
• CPU Operating Frequency: Up to 166MHz
• AHB Bus Operating Frequency: Up to 133MHz
• Package Type: 416 PBGA
• Core Operating at 1.8V ±5 %, -40~85 oC
• I/O Operating at 3.3V ±5 %, -40~85 oC
• 3.3V input/output levels, 5V tolerant only for PCI.
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