WRT32X - Is DD-WRT stable enough on it ?

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PostPosted: Mon Oct 01, 2018 15:16    Post subject: WRT32X - Is DD-WRT stable enough on it ? Reply with quote
Hi guys,
I bought WRT32X a few months ago and having some problems with internet disconnecting once in a while, not the physical WIFI/ETH disconnections rather ISP related once (i can't find the PPoE logs to see if the dialer is dropping or is it something else).
Anyway - up until the WRT32X i was using TPLINK 1043ND with DD-WRT for many years and was loving the extra performance it gave over the stock TPLINK FW.
I want to install DD-WRT on my new WRT32X, are there any issues with upgrading to it / downgrading back / something doesn't work / etc ?
I really miss that hard rock performance that i had with my TPLINK with DD-WRT ...

Cheers !
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PostPosted: Mon Oct 01, 2018 19:00    Post subject: Reply with quote

I'm absolutely chuffed with my WRT32X!
I have the latest build installed and have not suffered any issues with it so far fortunately.
I understand people have had issues with the wifi disconnecting/dropping but i have it disabled intentionally because i have devolo powerplugs installed throughout the house.
My previous RT-N66U struggled with VPN causing a huge bottleneck on speeds with my Virgin media ISP (instead of getting 100MBps i was only managing 10MBps). Since getting this upgrade i'm managing the full speeds and i've heard this router can manage even more (>200MBps with VPN 256AES encryption)

Whats working so far:
1. VPN 256AES with IPVanish
2. MiniDLNA
3. Samba Server

With regards to your issues before about ISP related disconnects. I did have problems with disconnects/hangs but i don't think it was the DDWRT as i think it was my ISPs router and some technical issues on their lines at the time coupled with the router getting baked inside my cabinet. The problem disappeared once i removed it from the enclosure.
No disconnects ever since.

For the upgrade, i recommend going to the installation thread for WRT32X specifically (Spuriousoffspring has links on all of this) which guides you on how to avoid overwriting both partitions on your router. Helps reverting back to stock venom fw i case things get messed up. It's pretty straight forward via Telnet/SSH.

You can upgrade/downgrade builds as normal now after the initial install

Hope this helps

1st Partition FIRMWARE: r36995
2nd Partition FIRMWARE: Stock Firmware (Venom)
MODEM: Virgin Hub 3.0 (UK)
Current ROUTER: Linksys WRT32X
Previous ROUTER (Not in Use but might use in repeater mode): RT-AC66U
Setup: Virgin Hub 3.0 (modem mode)--> WRT32X (gateway mode) running DD-WRT ---> LAN Port 1 to Devolo powerplugs throughout house.
Average devices running ~13
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